YouTube Relies On Keywords, Algorithms To Rate Oscar Movie Success

YouTube Relies On Keywords, Algorithms To Rate Oscar Movie Success

by Laurie Sullivan @lauriesullivan, February 28, 2018

Can keywords in review and reaction videos on YouTube predict Oscar winners? The top two most-viewed Best Picture nominee trailers on YouTube also are the highest-earning among the nominees, according to recent reported estimates.

Google released Oscars-themed data and research from YouTube on Wednesday just ahead of this weekend’s Academy Awards. The 2018 movie trailers leaderboard ranked “Dunkirk” with 43.9 million views at No. 1, followed by “Get Out” with 29.9 million views, “The Shape of Water” at 18.2 million views, “The Post” at 17.3 million views, and “Lady Bird” with 11.5 million views.

YouTube analyzed every English-language review and reaction video about the films nominated for the Best Picture category and created a new ranking of this year’s movies based on the YouTube community’s response. Keywords in reviews determined the best in each category.

“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” took the highest ranking for the most “Funny” film. About 50% of review and reaction videos use the word “funny” for “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” — the most of any Best Picture nominee. Other keywords unique to the film included “serious” and “dark,” a testament to the unique nature of film, balance both comedic and serious themes.

“Call Me By Your Name” was the most “I Cried” film for reviews and reactions with the word “cry.” About 60% also used the word “beautiful,” and “gorgeous” was used 21% of the time. “The Shape of Water” came in at second place, with about 20% referring to the keyword “cry.”

The movie “Lady Bird” came in as the most “relatable” movie. About 20% of review and reaction videos used the word “relatable” to describe the movie. YouTube creators also used the word “realistic” in 18% of videos.

“Phantom Thread” came in as the most-loved movie, using sentiment analysis to determine how people felt. YouTube examined the sentiment of all words used in review and reaction videos for Best Picture nominees. This movie had the highest proportion of positive words used. It was the Best Picture nominee where YouTube creators used the “love.” About 83% of “Phantom Thread” videos use the word “love.”

Movie lovers also come to YouTube to watch past Oscar acceptance speeches. The most-watched Oscar acceptance speeches are based on a number of measures. The most-watched with more than 11 million views comes from Leonard DiCaprio in 2016. Heath Ledger follows with 10.2 million views in 2009. Rounding out the top five are Matthew McConaughey with 10.1 million views in 2014, Kate Winslet with 8.5 million views in 2009, and Jennifer Lawrence with 8.4 million views in 2013. Search Marketing Daily