Who Are You? 3 Strategies To Brand Power Your Content

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By , Published November 13, 2014

Content is a commodity – it’s valuable. To enhance your content, and boost your brand, a cross-platform approach to content generation should be evaluated. What is your content trying to achieve for your brand? Does your content reflect the expertise and philosophy your brand promotes across all marketing channels? Is your content working to support – and elevate – your brand’s awareness?

If your content is not doing all it can to continually reinforce your brand’s perception and status, take heart! There are strategies designed to fully leverage creative content branding – empowering your content, and your brand, to support recruitment of social ambassadors and online reputation management. There are great examples of brands powering content today, especially on social media – Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Clorox, Oreo, Intuit, HubSpot, Virgin, Nike, GoPro and more, all of which create original content that is designed intently for key audiences.

Who Are You? 3 Strategies To Brand Power Your Content image aaaBRAND.OREO .11 12 2014 9 20 48 AMHow can you begin brand powering your content?

3 Strategies To Brand Power Your Content

Own Your Content: In every social media post, infographic, blog update and and article you present, make sure to share engaging, entertaining and educational insights that, at their core, validate and solidify your branding initiatives. Make sure your brand owns your content – and not the other way around. Every content push should be designed to celebrate, even magnify, your brand.

Build A Content Pyramid: When building an overall content strategy for your brand, create a content pyramid. What do you most want to accomplish in your content outreach, in terms of selling, promoting and even intensifying your brand? This is the foundation of your pyramid. Raise your pyramid by reinforcing your top branding points. What do you want people to know about your services, expertise and experience? What are the driving messages you need your content to aggrandize? Note everything that comes to mind, and begin to raise your content themes, topics and strategies to emphasize and expand upon your branding mission. When completed, your content pyramid should be a testament to the driving cornerstones of your branding. Always keep your content pyramid in sight, as an inspirational reminder of all you want and need to achieve in your content outreach.

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Brand Yourself Social: Social media is an exceptional platform for content branding. You can leverage social media to create brand awareness – even brand mystery. The benefits of consistent and creative content sharing are immeasurable for solidifying brand messaging on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and more! If you are optimizing multiple social platforms, make sure to carry the same imagery, themes and messaging throughout to give a true content authority to your social media campaign. Make sure you are sharing the same energy across all platforms – and keeping your brand’s look, feel and flavor intact across the board.

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