Five Steps to Drive Sales on Facebook

October 23, 2015


“Facebook is an incredibly efficient way to reach customers. You can drive sales by reaching people interested in your business right where they’re looking—on their phones, tablets and computers.” (Facebook for Business)

A strong daily marketing campaign combined with a defined daily advertising campaign can help your business generate revenue with Facebook.

To ensure you are leveraging the full power of what Facebook has to offer, make sure you complete the following five steps.

  1. Optimized & Branded Business Page

Your Business Page on Facebook is like a “mini-website” that provides Facebook users information they need to know about your business.  Your Page should have all sections completed, including hours, pricing, maps (if local establishment), contact information, link to your website and you should have your Page verified to show you are an authentic business.

  1. Daily Updates with Quality Content

Your Page should be updated every day with at least 1 post.  The recommended number of posts for a Facebook Page is 1 to 3 daily.  The posts should include interesting topics that your audience will engage with, branded, high-quality images and links to articles that will provide useful information to your audience.

  1. Targeted Updates

If you have a segment of Facebook Friends on your Business Page that will benefit from a specific update Facebook provides the ability to target those individuals directly by targeted the update directly to that segment.

  1. Boosted Posts

Promoting your business in a regular daily update is prohibited on Facebook.  In fact, if you are promoting your business, services or products or announcing a promotion or sale in an update it will likely not reach anyone’s News Feeds as it will be blocked by Facebook’s algorithm.  In order to provide an update with sales or promotional information Facebook offers the opportunity to “Boost” your post.  This is a paid option that allows you to target people directly and also ensures that the update will reach your intended audience.

  1. Daily Advertising Campaign

Advertising on Facebook is getting better all the time.  It is the most affordable and effective way to reach people.  Advertising Campaigns can be targeted to specific demographics including age, gender and location as well as purchasing behavior or personal interests.  Ads can also be directed to your current customers by using your customer database to locate them as Facebook Users.  Ads can also be directed specifically to people who have visited your website as well as people who “look like” people who have visited your website.

Combining all of the above steps into a daily marketing and advertising campaign will help your business increase SEO/search rank, improve branding and visibility, grow warm leads and referrals and help drive sales to generate revenue.

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