Twitter Direct Message Chat Bot Feature To Automate Customer Service

by , Staff Writer @lauriesullivan, November 2, 2016

Businesses can create a financial opportunity for themselves when they acknowledge customer ratings and reviews on their Web site or by responding to Facebook posts or service-related Twitter tweets, even if it’s by a chat bot.

Twitter found that extra added attention typically earns the brand or retailer between 3% and 20% more on an average-priced item. It’s called goodwill. A little extra attention and customer service to create a warm feeling goes a long way.

Taking it one step further, Twitter announced two features to create better conversational experiences between businesses and people on the social network.

Similar to a chat bot, quick replies and welcome messages in Direct Messages aim to guide people to better outcomes through a combination of simple automation and human service. The move follows DM Prompts and Message buttons announced earlier this year.

It’s about speeding up customer service with quick replies in direct messages, according to Ian Cairns, product manager at Twitter. Some might think it’s a last-ditch effort to save the social site, but businesses can create deep links in the message that direct the consumer to a specific greeting or information on their Web site.

Evernote and Pizza Hut will separately launch new experiences in Direct Messages that make use of these features, per Cairns.

The Pizza Hut social ordering platform is an example of making it easy for customer to order from Pizza Hut. They can order a pizza or get information about Pizza Hut products through the social platform.

Gerald Hastie, director of global customer service, sees the new tool as a way to streamline the mediation process, accelerate resolution time and reduce customer effort. Search Marketing Daily