Top 3 Email Marketing Services For Small Business in 2016

— December 10, 2016

The oft repeated phrase by internet marketers around the world is, “create a list”. Why do marketers repeat this again and again? They do so because they know that you can make money only if you have an email list. Most small businesses fail because they do not put the required efforts to create a list and maintain it. Email marketing is one of the important facets of marketing which a small business should concentrate on. Remember that most if not all of your competitors are using some form of email marketing to stay ahead of the competition.

The reasons to build an email list are many and the salient points are given below:

  • With email marketing as part of your marketing strategy you are able to converse with your audience and build a relationship based on trust. People buy products from somebody they know rather than from a stranger, so you need to build that trust with your audience.
  • There is a term in search engine optimization parlance known as bounce rate. Bounce rate means the time it takes for a person to get out of your website. If a person stays on your website homepage for a longer time then you will be able to sell your product. So the homepage needs to be good. However, if you have a list and direct your audience to the website, then the people visiting will go through your website irrespective of the homepage being good or not based on the trust they have on you. Though first time visitors tend not to buy products, but if they are lead to the website based on your email marketing strategy, you will be able to convert well.
  • A recent study found that more than 40% of email recipients purchased a product after viewing details in their email. Hence promotional emails need to be attractive and engaging.

Now that you are convinced that you need an email list to market your products, the next thing that you need is an email marketing service. There are many email marketing services, but the deciding factor in choosing one for your business should be based on user friendliness and price. Many email marketing services are priced low and some are even free but they are not user-friendly. Some may be a little costly but setting it up is very easy. A few email marketing services are given below to help you decide:



It is the leading email marketing service provider. The company was voted #1 in the email marketing service provider category in PCMag’s 2016 Business Choice Awards. You get a free trial and based on your trial you can choose to continue the service.

Get Response


This can be considered as one among the second rung after Aweber. You get a 30 day free trial to experience their service. The best part is the ease of use of their services.

Constant Contact


This is another email marketing service provider vying for the top slot. They have good templates and other tools that make it one of the top email marketing service companies.

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