Three Ways Your Small Business Should Be Using Videos

September 28, 2015

Are you using video with your small business marketing?

When we think of creating a business video, often a hefty price tag comes to mind. For a high-quality HD video, a professional videographer could range anywhere from $ 3000 to $ 10000, and even more depending on what features and services you want. However, don’t let the big price tag scare you away from this effective marketing tactic. It’s a proven tactic as more than 80 percent of marketers are using videos in their campaigns and claim that videos produce a higher conversion rate and return on the investment. What’s more, a professional video isn’t always necessary as other options are available to create simple and effective marketing tactics.

Here are three ways you absolutely should be using videos with your marketing and the tools to get you started.

Welcome Video

What do you want customers to think about your business? Use a welcome video to strengthen your business brand and get important information in front of your customers. The example below is a welcome video created by a restaurant. The video shares about the type of food they serve, introduces you to the chefs, and gives a teaser about the ambiance. It’s a no frills video that does a nice job sharing what to expect at their cafe.

Use a site like Shakr to create a nice quality company welcome video for just $ 10. They even show you how to do it in a short 3-minute video.

Product and Service Demonstrations

Seeing is believing and video helps customers put themselves in front of your product. For businesses offering a service, consider creating a montage of customer testimonials or a video that introduces various clients and the results you helped them obtain. For businesses that offer a product, create a how-to video or videos that show the results of your product and how it helps your consumers.

Statistic: 90% of online shoppers say they find videos helpful when making a buying decision.

The example below is a demonstration video we created using PowToon, to support our eBook The Ultimate Guide to Free Small Business Marketing. We share how the book helps and what you can expect from using it.

Training Videos

Training videos are widely versatile. Use them as an effective inbound marketing tool, as part of a sales email marketing campaign, and as website content. Build a library of training videos and host a resource center for your company. Training videos do more than just show your audience how to do something. They give them the opportunity to spend time with you, get to know you better, and build trust. The example below is one of myMarketing Cafe’s quick tip videos.

Where can you get started? Turn to your Ultimate Guide or search the cafe blog; we’ve written about video tools many times, and most recently in the post, Three (Free) Video Tools That Will Have Your Competition Squirming.

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