5 Things You Didn’t Know About Explainer Videos

September 27, 2015

5 thing about explainer video

Explainer videos are one of the best marketing tools to use on your website and social media platforms. Their effectiveness is often underestimated by those who don’t use videos. So here are five facts about explainer videos that you probably did not know.

1. 80% Of People Will Watch An Entire Online Video

When given the choice, audiences would prefer to watch an entertaining video than read a block of text. This is demonstrated by the percentage of individuals who watch an entire video (80%) compared to the number of people who read an entire blog post.

Users will even seek out online video adverts. A third of all online activity is spent watching videos with users watching an average of 32 videos per month, a total of 16 minutes and 49 seconds. This isn’t limited to consumers. Executives prefer videos as a way of discovering information; 75% of executives seek out business related videos at least once a week, with 50% watching them on YouTube.

After watching a video, half of executives are also more likely to do what is asked of them in the video’s call-to-action.

2. Videos Are More Memorable

The human brain process a visual image 60,000 times faster than text. With audio and text features embedded in the video, there is a greater chance that the message contained in the video will be remembered. Research has found that videos are remembered between 90% and 95% of the time compared to text that is remembered only 10% of the time.

Therefore, you should ensure that your key messages are very prominently placed in a video to maximize returns.

3. Videos Are Favored By Google

Search engines love video, especially when they are Google-friendly, which means optimizing the title, adding a thorough description and adding appropriate tags.

YouTube itself is a search engine and based on the number of monthly searches, is the second largest in use (after Google).

As video is very popular with consumers, Google also places specific emphasis on returning video results to queries.

To make the most out of this you need to optimize your videos; the video’s title, description and tags should be optimized for relevant keywords. For instance, if you want to sell your accounting software, you also need to use content tags that all include the key work ‘accounting’.

You should also ensure your website’s load time, primarily on your main landing page and other important pages, is less than four seconds.

If the website takes any longer you’ll start to lose conversions.

4. Explainer Videos Increase Sales

Explainer videos are very important in the purchasing decision making process.

Research has found that 90% of consumers say that a video has helped them decide whether to purchase a product or not. This generally indicates that 12% of visitors to your video will make a purchase of the featured product, and an additional 52% will purchase another product from your site.

The increase in sales is due to two main reasons. Firstly, the understanding of your products and services is increased by 74%. Secondly, audiences enjoy videos and they help to increase purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%.

This all leads into increased conversion rates, which is why a study found that 71% of marketers find that video conversion rates out perform other marketing content.

Many industries benefit from business videos, especially when it comes to products; however, real estate is one that benefits the most with enquires about properties up 403% when a video is attached to sales materials.

5. Videos Work Perfectly On Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is one proven way to drive traffic. They are one of the best selling tools your company can use, especially with consumers you’ve already had contact with.

Adding videos to your email marketing campaign can help you increases the number of conversions by 51%, and it will squeeze more juices from your marketing campaigns as well.


– If you are sending emails periodically, include a video at the bottom and have your click through rates improve.

– Start your own business’ YouTube channel and add at least one video that you can also embed on any page of your website.

– Get an explainer video created for your business.


Explainer videos are a powerful marketing tool that can grow your business significantly in many different ways across multiple platforms. They not only help you to be found online but they can also aid in the improvement of other marketing activities, such as landing pages and email marketing campaigns.

Have you tried any kind of marketing video for your business? What benefits do you see from explainer videos?


6. Explainer Videos Help You Take Your Relationship With Your Customer To The Next Level

Explainer videos are not just about getting more sales and increasing the amount of money put into your coffers. If you don’t like that approach, you should think of having an explainer video to build trust and increase customer loyalty by educating your customers and keeping them engaged.


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