The Top Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Online Presence

— June 15, 2017

In the ever-changing business world, it’s hard to know where and how to invest your time as a small business. It can be especially confusing when you’re new to digital marketing and looking to improve your online presence. As a small business owner, you have more important things to do than to spend your time research digital marketing tools, which seem to be introduced on a weekly basis.

Well, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up five great digital marketing tools that will help your small business grow its online presence. With these resources at your disposal, you’ll be primed to quickly and effectively see how your business is doing from an online perspective and make necessary changes to boost your online credibility.

Without further ado, here are our digital marketing tool suggestions:

Crazy Egg

Don’t let this funny name deter you from using the tool. Crazy Egg is an amazing application that applies overlays to your website pages to show how your visitors interact with each page. From these visuals, you can track what’s working and where there are opportunities for improvement. With this kind of visualization, you can adjust your website content, navigation, and calls to action to increase your conversion rate.

Crazy Egg helps grow an online presence as it shows which areas of your website are performing well and where there is room for improvement. Keeping your potential customers happy when on your site is a key to long-term business success. However, we all know that you have a few seconds to pique your visitor’s interest with compelling content before they decide to go elsewhere. This digital marketing tool takes the guesswork out of your website design and content strategy and gives you actionable ways to boost your online reputation.

CoSchedule headline analyzer

Speaking of compelling content, your headlines (website headers, blog titles, and email subject lines) are what grabs your reader’s attention and persuades them to click or scroll for more information. Don’t let your headlines fall flat! Use CoSchedule’s free headline analyzer tool to ensure your headlines are top-notch and are working to your advantage.

The CoSchedule algorithm helps you identify the best word choices and headline length to encourage readers to engage with your content. Half the battle of content creation is getting people to click on your information. Headlines are the gateway for getting the traffic you want. Save this tool and use it for every single headline you create!

WebpageFX’s readability tool

While we’re discussing the content of your website, WebpageFX’s free readability tool is another essential digital marketing tool. Simply enter your URL into the search field, and your page content will be reviewed for complexity. As the average American adult reads at a 7th to 9th-grade level, keeping your content at that level helps bolster readership and engagement with your target audience. Use this tool as a guide to refine your word choice and sentence length.

While this might seem simple, incorporating language your audience understands and uses helps with your brand image online. It makes your business seem like you’re speaking at a peer-to-peer level instead of as an authority to a novice. Friendly, but informative language generates the most engagement, and with this tool, your content is bound to resonate more with your audience.


If spelling and grammar are not your favorite things, then Grammarly is your new best friend. It’s like having a professional copy editor on staff – but at a seriously reduced cost! This app automatically checks your writing for grammatical and spelling errors. What’s amazing is that they have a Google Chrome extension (a program installed into Chrome that changes the browser’s functionality), so literally, everything you type using that browser is reviewed before you push send or publish.

Even if you love writing, every small business should use Grammarly as it helps you avoid those embarrassing typos in social posts or email campaigns. You can imagine that perfect spelling and grammar have a major impact on your online presence. These little details hold serious weight regarding credibility and trustworthiness. This tool makes writing much easier as you have a safety net to catch any major errors before publishing any kind of content.


What small business isn’t trying to grow the size of its audience? With PushCrew, you can send push notifications (desktop pop-up messages that people opt-in to) to your audience even when they’re not on your website! While this is a great tool for publicizing new blog posts, you can use push notifications to inform your audience of new products, promotions, or business news. It’s an easy way to reach out to customers and drive traffic to your website.

If your small business is ready to up the ante on your online presence, these are the five digital marketing tools you need. By using one or all of these resources, your online reputation and credibility are sure to soar. Give them a try today! Do you have other digital marketing tools you love? Tell us about them in the comment section below.

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