The Interview Evaluation Form That Will Help You Hire an Outstanding Marketer Every Single Time

October 23, 2016

Having the right evaluation tools and systems in place during and after a job interview makes all the difference in choosing the top performer from any candidate pool. One of the best ways to maximize your odds of a great hire is to use a specialized interview evaluation form for all of your recruitment processes.

Who Needs Feedback Forms?

If you hire people, you need an interview feedback form. It’s as simple as that.

Some organizations mistakenly think that they can get away without one. But post-interview evaluations aren’t just for large, stuffy corporations with inflated HR wings. Any company of any size benefits from the use of a dedicated review process and form for considering new hires.

That’s doubly true if you’re trying to fill a critical marketing position. Marketing is evolving quickly, and it’s never been more difficult to evaluate and compare marketing talent. Without a formal, customized evaluation process, you’ll never be able to reliably distinguish the A-players.

At minimum, a basic evaluation form enables a more objective side-by-side assessment of candidates. It will also help you remember their qualifications and how well they interviewed over time, which is invaluable during a long recruitment process or when you’re speaking with a large volume of candidates.

Consider sitting through a long one-on-one meeting with someone right after suffering through a long morning commute vs right after a rejuvenating cup of coffee. There are a lot of external and internal influences than unfairly skew how you perceive a candidate. A thorough evaluation form minimizes your personal and environmental biases, even if it can’t eliminate them completely.

There are many advantages to this fundamental recruitment tool, and virtually no downsides. It doesn’t take a huge amount of extra effort to use them consistently. And very little effort is needed to find a good template online and customize is for your own use.

Why a Customized Form is Needed for Marketing Talent

Most of the businesses that use a post-interview review form have a general one-size-fits-all document that’s used for almost all new hires regardless of title. For the most part, that’s alright—certainly better than nothing. Most jobs won’t require a wildly specialized review form.

But some hires, especially within the marketing department, will have a direct and lasting impact on your business’s growth potential. For those positions, it’s wise to make sure your talent evaluation system is set up to get you the right person every time.

It’s always worth a little extra work upfront to ensure you’re bringing the right marketers in house. Weak marketing hires can cost you big over time, while a great employee can be a huge boost to ROI. Here are a few things you should definitely integrate into an evaluation form to make sure you’re stocking your marketing department with the best talent available.

A History of Success

Plenty of professionals with a few years under their belt can put together a long list of important-sounding titles and responsibilities on their resume. But that doesn’t tell you much about how much a difference they actually made in those roles. Look for ways to identify and measure a track record of demonstrable, ROI-centric success.

Culture Fit

As a discipline where collaboration, communication, and brand consistency are essential, culture fit is even more important in marketing professionals than most other fields of business. Marketing candidates must mesh well with your workplace environment and be aligned with your corporate values.

Technical Capabilities

Modern marketing operations rely on broad stacks of technology and tools to optimize their efforts and stay ahead of the competition. Do your candidates show mastery of that tech, or at least the capacity to quickly gain it? Assess their ability both with basic software and advanced technological infrastructure; you don’t want to ensure an unnecessarily long onboarding time training a slow learner from the ground up.

A Constantly Evolving Skillset

Marketing is evolving quickly, and the pace is only increasing. Are you candidates keeping up? Someone who was a leading expert a few years ago may have fallen towards the middle of the pack. That’s why it’s important to look for and measure how candidates commit to being “life-long learners:” staying on top of trends, looking to the future, and keeping up in a fast-moving industry.

A Custom-Made Evaluation Form for High-Level Marketing Jobs

It’s not incredibly difficult to make a passable feedback form for your own needs. But why waste time when there are already-developed options out there? This post-interview evaluation form was custom-designed by marketing recruiters to enhance any marketing hiring process. Check it out; you can download it here for free!

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Author: Mark Miller