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Pushing the Cart Along

Gemma Baker — May 19, 2017 Follow @c4auk— May 19, 2017 Photo by Caden Crawford The shoppers experience starts the moment they enter your online store. From that instant their expectations have been set, and it is your website that is going to help them decide to take action, contacting your representatives, making a purchase, … Continue reading Pushing the Cart Along

Email Remarketing Along the Conversion Funnel

Bryan GudmundsonJuly 6, 2015 Email remarketing is arguably the single most powerful tool in an online marketer’s toolbox when it comes to reigniting abandoned leads. When done right, email remarketing is a very complex process, but broken down into its fundamental pieces, there are just three, basic steps: Acquiring contact information, Identifying user intent, Dispatching … Continue reading Email Remarketing Along the Conversion Funnel