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How to Use ‘Lean Planning’ to Develop Your Business

Sabrina Parsons — December 18, 2017 — December 18, 2017 geralt / Pixabay 200-page business plan documents are cumbersome projects that often render themselves obsolete in a fraction of the time it took to initially create the document. Declaring business plans “dead”, however, removes too much of the responsibility around planning as an entrepreneur, often … Continue reading How to Use ‘Lean Planning’ to Develop Your Business

Ready. Fire. Aim.

Annette Franz — April 20, 2017 Follow @annettefranz— April 20, 2017 Image courtesy of prairiemomof2 Have you heard the saying, “Ready. Fire. Aim?” What does it mean? Shoot before you aim. Shoot (or do anything) before you think or before you think it through. Shoot before you know what you’re shooting at. Shoot before you … Continue reading Ready. Fire. Aim.