Reddit AMA Marketing – Top Insights from Successful AMA’s [Infographic]

  • by Rebekah Richards November 24, 2015
    November 24, 2015

    step by step guide to redditHave you heard of Reddit yet? Have you learned how to use Reddit effectively to build your audience and increase your organic website rankings?

    Per Wikipedia, Reddit is an entertainment, social networking, and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links, making it essentially an online bulletin board system.

    Reddit has honestly become one of the most useful, popular and informative social networking sites on the entire web. – Elise Moreau,

    Reddit AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything.” To find these go to

    In the infographic below, you’ll learn what Reddit AMA’s can teach you about marketing.

    Reddit AMA Marketing – Top Insights from Successful AMA’s

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    There are several important insights we can take from successful AMA’s on Reddit:

    1. What kind of information is most popular?

      • Unique and personal information.
      • Extreme honesty and sincerity.
      • Information from experts.

    2. People are very interested in:

      • Stories that evoke viral emotions like curiosity, amazement, and surprise.
      • Content that is not watered down or filtered and offers the raw truth.
      • Additional insights into popular news topics from experts in the fields.

    3. To communicate effectively online, you must remain engaged by:

      • Responding to all blog comments.
      • Asking readers what they want to read.
      • Answering important emails in a timely manner.
      • Producing content that expands upon popular previously published content.
      • “Favoriting” or responding to tweets addressed to you.

    4. Readers are more likely to respond to and share content from someone or a brand they know and trust.

    We’d love to hear your feedback? Have you successfully used Reddit AMA marketing? What other content and social marketing efforts do you plan to apply these strategies to?


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