Putting Your Best Face Forward: Quick Strategies for Email Marketers

March 6, 2015

Mom always said to put your best face forward. When you were younger, that meant tucking in your shirt and washing your hands. In the hyper-competitive emailing marketing environment, mom’s advice still rings true. Consumers are becoming increasingly more selective about the emails that they open. Many emails are tossed directly into the trash and others sit forgotten at the bottom of inboxes, collecting technological dust. Just as you learn tips to put your best face forward, there are many opportunities to improve your email’s first impression.

Thoughtful Subject Lines: The ‘Face’

Just like your face, an email’s subject line is the first, and the most visible, interaction subscribers will have with your brand. In less than ten words, a subscriber will decide to keep reading, delete or unsubscribe from your campaign. Here are a few ways to keep every subject line clean and appealing:

  • Be Honest: Make sure that your subject line conveys similar content to the rest of the email. If a subscriber chooses to open it, disconnect is unpleasant.
  • Be Smart: Consider including an enticing offer in the subject line to encourage your subscribers to keep reading.
  • Be Intriguing: Use a surprising subject line or tease exclusive information to draw in subscribers.

Appropriate Topics: The ‘Look’

In the same way that you pick outfits that makes sense to your surroundings, choose email topics that are appropriate to your subscribers. You wouldn’t wear a tuxedo to the beach or a swimsuit during a snowstorm. Emails should make sense for their occasions, too.

When choosing your email’s outfit, look for unique options. Take advantage of timely opportunities to drive subscriber engagement, and provide consumers with information that is unexpected or interesting. This could range from deals on rain boots during a Seattle thunderstorm to coupons for sun hats during the Kentucky Derby. Even email offers that are peculiar, such as sandals after an early spring snowfall, are a great way to excite subscribers with what they’re missing most.

Valuable Content: The ‘Personality’

What’s on the inside really does matter. Flash and intrigue are great for catching your subscribers’ attention, but they’re pointless if you can’t hold their interest. Brands need to provide relevant content and calls to action that push subscribers to visit websites and convert. Content is where you can deliver on your subject line and chosen topic, and interesting content is the best opportunity for subscriber engagement.

For example, during a fashion week, marketers can send subscribers affordable options or DIY alternatives to replicate the season’s trendiest looks. Similarly, leading up to calendar time changes, marketers can offer great deals on watches. By providing subscribers with content that extends beyond the traditional, brands can boost engagement and gain long-term consumer loyalty.

With millions of emails sent hourly, making yours stand out is key. Many of these strategies may seem obvious, but when constructing an email marketing campaign, be sure to make judgments that positively reflect your brand’s objectives and target audiences. Just as wearing white to someone else’s wedding is considered poor taste, a mistimed or overly contrived email can turn customers off to your brand. Brands can significantly improve email marketing performance and sales with a more critical awareness of how their emails look.

When it comes to email marketing, mom really does know best.

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