How Bacon Can Improve Your Marketing

How Bacon Can Improve Your Marketing image bacon marketingIf you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that bacon has taken over…well, everything. Every restaurant offers a special bacon meal, including sundaes. Liquor stores sell bacon-infused vodka. Bacon-flavored bubble gum exists. Bacon-scented air fresheners, too. (Yes, that last one is real.) There is even a Wikipedia entry titled “Bacon mania,” examining the rise of bacon obsession and how it’s led to all-time high sales–$ 4 billion in 2013, MarketWatch reports. Whether you’re a bacon addict or a vegetarian, here’s what you can learn from bacon to improve your marketing.

Be Delicious

Your business may not be food-related, but that doesn’t mean your product can’t be delicious. No matter what your product or service is, make sure that it’s hot and that it “tastes” as good to your audience as bacon does. Having a good product is the first step toward marketing success: if you want to be as big as bacon, you have to be as good as bacon.

Become Synonymous with Deliciousness

Bacon is popular not only because it’s delicious but because it has become synonymous with the idea of delicious. A burger is assumed to be better with bacon. Consumers are willing to try a sundae with bacon because the tagline “Everything is better with bacon” has come to be regarded as truth. So how do you apply this to your business? First, decide what it is about your product or service that you want your customer base to associate with you. Efficiency. Innovation. Amazing customer service. What is the thing that you do so well that it can truthfully be said that “Everything is better with ____”? Fill in the blank and go from there. Highlight that bacon-esque thing in your marketing: make it part of your go-to benefit statements. Make it synonymous with delicious, and the masses will come with their tongues out.

Add Bacon to Everything

Not actual bacon, of course. But once you have established what your business’s bacon is…put it on everything. Good customer service? Offer chat and Skype service too. Good engagement? Join more platforms as soon as you have bandwidth. Great content marketing? Explore new mediums like video and infographics with the same delicious fervor. If bacon truly makes everything better, then you can use it to add extra flavor to all aspects of your marketing.

Inspire Their Senses

Bacon smells great, obviously. The smell of it might bring to mind childhood breakfasts, playing on the nostalgia of the consumer. Whatever it is that makes bacon such a meaningful food for so many people, think of a way in which you can apply that strategy to your marketing. Who is your audience? What are some deeper levels of their experience that you could appeal to?

Shake It Up

Bacon comes in many forms: strips, bits, chips. The same should go for your marketing initiatives. Email marketing. PPC ads. Social media. Content marketing. Not every bacon eater likes their bacon in a sundae, and not everyone likes it in a burger: keep that in mind when you’re targeting audiences across different mediums.

The journey to bacon-esque marketing may not be an easy one, but these points are a good place to start. Get to cooking, folks.

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