Need To Double Your Efficiency? Try Using Time Tracking Software For a Change

— February 28, 2018

I always hear a lot of people saying the same phrase over-and-over that, “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have time to do anything else.” This happens because of not being able to properly calculate the time you spend on each project. As a result, you get overloaded with work, and get less time for yourself. I have been there and done that. Since then I’ve been overly cautious about spending time on each project or deal I undertake. I started using time tracking software with every client. This provided me more scope to do better in terms to work, and also achieve my goals. Here is how I did it and many of other Entrepreneurs do it. Similarly, you too can use it and see the change in your productivity.

The Time Buzz

There is no rocket science involved in calculating your time. You’ll need a good time tracking software that will measure the time for you. I personally use Time Doctor, Accountsight, and Hub staff. These are the ones I’ve personally tried and tested. They work equally best for every business and help in improving productivity. Further, I’m able to track my hardworking staff and motivate them into excelling their abilities.

Running a startup or an already christened business isn’t an easy task. Moreover, if you get paid hourly, then the need to calculate the time to define productivity is strongly needed. So, use my suggestion today to see awesome results in your day-to-day earning with time tracking software.

Track Tasks Without Delay

You need to be on top of your game. From meal break to gym time, you can track everything with any of the time tracking software. With my 72-hour work routine, things used to get pretty much messy. But, once I brought the idea of tracking everything, I saw an instant change in my efforts and getting new clients.

Further, it also made my life easy by allowing me to do numerous things on time and in less mess than before. All of the renowned professionals, Entrepreneurs, businessmen use these software’s to track and assess employee progress and revenue. Once you start delivering on time, you start seeing a rise in more potential clients. You also get some extra time to improve your product and services.

Get Those Dollars

I’ve worked as a freelancer on an hourly basis, and the time tracking software has allowed me to show to my clients how efficiently the work was done. I am able to track history, research and also narrow down my work list. Entrepreneur and CEO of GoPBN, Udit Goenka says, “Freelancers and overseas employees often don’t get credit because of their working style and different time zones. And at times, clients think that not much time was spent on their assigned tasks. I’ve seen the outcome of using a time tracking software, and can second it without a second thought. You get legit proof, data, and analysis which helps you to show proof of all the hours you spent on each of their projects.” This high-level of transparency allows your clients to trust your expertise more and lets them rely on your services regularly.

Expand In Your Niche And Go Beyond The Sky

With this technique, you can make smart moves in your business and simplify your systems to reduce errors and diversify in every field. This will also let you focus more on things that can make a difference. CEO of Softwarekeep, Ronnie Teja loves to quote smart tracking software’s, and adds “Right from the day I started my business, I maintained transparency for all of my clients through certain solid processes such as: data details, time tracking, invoices, etc. this allowed my business to improves efficiency in every aspect. It also impacts my productivity overall, and now I give free tips to all my clients to use this software”.

Simplify Your Billing

No matter what type of business you’re running, the hours should actually be making you money. Otherwise, it’s of no use as this only doubles the loss. You can calculate employee costs, working ledger, salaries, input – all through one additional implementation. If you are writing or copying the seconds or hours of each project – you’ll only increase more chances for error.

“I design, develop and execute integrated digital marketing campaigns across paid, social, organic and digital channels that help companies in different industries to increase organic traffic and drive more leads and revenue. And, I keep a track of every effort done to show efficient work results,” adds SEO expert and digital marketing strategist Mike Khorev.

Similarly, you should utilize an integrated project management tool, time tracking software, and refined billing structure in one system. As, that will save you time, workforce and money, and enhance your work efficiency with due diligence.


The data found at the end of every time tracking software is worth all the trouble. As it gives you details on numerous aspects of making a profit or ending in a loss. I was able to find the toughest of the projects, to improve my productivity. And later, with more refined research, I was able to track niche-based performance in terms of generating more revenue. When I first started tracking the time spent on each of my tasks, I wasn’t relying much on the outcome. But, once I figured-out the wrong from the right, I immediately tried to change it.

Guy Harrington, CEO and founder of Glenhawk adds, ” We’ve set into the short-term specialist lending market to bring transparency to fees, rates, and the general process by using tracking software to maintain high work quality.” If you’ve already deployed a tracking software in your workforce, then do comment and let me know what software you’re using now. Tell me more about your work efforts and if it has helped you in improving speed?

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Author: Rafi Chowdhury

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