LinkedIn lets Page owners view, sort, learn more about their followers

Pages also now have an ‘Events’ tab for to feature their (virtual) events.

LinkedIn rolled out new features for Pages Wednesday to help companies promote their events, learn more about their followers and facilitate communication among employees directly on the platform. The updates include a new “My Company” Tab, “Events” tab and the ability to “View Page Followers.”

Page followers. Page owners can now see the people who follow them and sort their follower lists by current company, industry and location. In addition, the new feature shows an “insight” for followers such as how they found your Page and when.

LinkedIn lets Page owners view, sort, learn more about their followers
View your Page followers on Linkedin.

“This provides the transparency needed to better understand audiences, so organizations can more easily share the right content and build their LinkedIn community around the conversations that matter most,” says LinkedIn.

Before this change, you could only see total number of followers and demographic breakdowns.

Events. The Events tab is aimed at making the virtual events that have popped up during the pandemic more discoverable. It shows a view of a company’s past and upcoming events. The events are pulled in automatically and users can see if they’re attending an event and share events with others from this view.

LinkedIn lets Page owners view, sort, learn more about their followers

My company. This tab, designed for employees, has features such as employee milestones to announce promotions, anniversaries and new hires and shows trending content posted on LinkedIn by employees. It also shows inter-company connection recommendations. The company said it will be adding tools for content curation and live broadcasting.

Why we care. These updates are in large part a response to the shifts caused by the pandemic, with more virtual events and more employees working remotely. The ability to learn more about your followers is a big change that may help inform your content on LinkedIn as well as across other channels. LinkedIn, of course, hope this additional data about their audience will motivate businesses to create and share (and promote) more content on the platform.

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