Kenshoo teams up with Experian to offer third-party data for Facebook campaigns

The partnership offers marketers more than 1,100 audience segments for ad-targeting purposes.

Kenshoo teams up with Experian to offer third-party data for Facebook campaigns

The ad tech platform Kenshoo announced on Monday it has partnered with marketing data and services provider Experian.Kenshoo clients will be able to use Experian’s audience segments for Facebook ad targeting. The third-party data will initially be available for Facebook campaigns, with plans to expand to Amazon and Google.

Why you should care

After facing criticism for its handling of user data and new the regulatory provisions of GDPR, Facebook announced in March it was phasing out integrations with third-party data providers on its ad platform. Partnerships like the one between Kenshoo and Experian aim to give marketers back the ability to leverage third-party audience data in targeting their Facebook campaigns.

“While marketers know how valuable their first-party data can be and have certainly embraced second-party data targeting from ad giants like Google and Facebook, third-party data from trusted sources such as Experian can fill in the missing pieces in marketer data sets. For example, Experian can help target in-market auto buyers, niche demographic groups at scale, and past purchase behavior with rich audience data that would be very difficult for a single source to identify,” says Kenshoo chief product officer Zvika Goldstein.

More on Kenshoo’s announcement and third-party data

  • The partnership will apply to all of Experian’s ConsumerView data sets — a list that includes 1,159 audience segments.
  • The deal comes as the use of third-party data has faced increasing scrutiny, in large part due to regulatory and privacy advocacy pressures.
  • Kenshoo laid out a defense of third-party data in its announcement. It cited several studies such as one from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, the American Marketing Association (AMA) and Deloitte in August that found 91 percent of marketers have increased or kept their third-party data usage the same over the last two years.

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