Introducing MarTech’s guide to agile marketing for leaders

This e-book will show you the skills and perspective needed to lead an agile marketing organization effectively.

It’s easy to get into the weeds when it comes to agile marketing. After, the practice itself is all about breaking goals, projects and marketing tasks into smaller blocks in order to more efficiently deliver what your team is charged with. That’s why several months ago we launched our ebook, “MarTech’s guide to agile marketing for teams” in collaboration with renowned agile marketing coach Stacey Ackerman.

While giving teams tools needed to implement common agile marketing practices was the goal of the first ebook, for those to work the way they were intended to, organizations must also make cultural changes. And often what determines success or failure is good leadership.

That’s why today we are launching another ebook from Ackerman, “MarTech’s guide to agile marketing for leaders.”

This ebook is designed to give you the needed skills and perspective, to effectively lead an agile marketing organization. We’ll explore how to create a vision for change, a value-based approach to leadership, leadership behaviors needed for marketing agility, a new way of marketing planning, how marketers embrace agile ways of working and what agile marketing teams need from you. Click the button below to get your free copy.

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