Integrate the Webinar into Business Communication and Marketing Strategy

— August 25, 2017

No more seminars on the other side of the world that require an enormous investment of time and money! Today, conferences are digitizing and with the webinar, organizing one has become easier than ever before.

What Is The Webinar?

The webinar is an abbreviation of web and seminar. More than just a digital conference, it offers you the opportunity to share and deepen your knowledge without leaving your office or home. Unlike web conferencing, which has been practiced in business for many years, this new approach allows you to reach a wider and more invested audience. It goes without saying that auditors who have decided themselves to participate in training should be professionally and personally concerned. Note that so far, the main topics discussed in webinar relate to new information technologies and emerging professions in the digital world.

Moreover, this method of communication promises great ease of use. To organize a webinar, only sign up on one of the dedicated platforms, including YouTube live, which allows you to easily manage the setup of your webinar as well as its live broadcast. You can also opt for a paid alternative to enjoy greater freedom, especially in the organization, management and invitation of your listeners. Among the many platforms currently available to speakers are GoToWebinar, ezTalks, Livestorm and Webex.

Define your targets

The primary objective of webinar marketing is the acquisition of new qualified contacts. It is necessary that before the creation of your web conference you describe who it is addressed for. Indeed, you have to define topics according to the people you want to reach. To determine your target audience ask you what people are facing the market issues you are addressing? Once your target has been identified, you can choose the title of the webinar and write a description of the latter. The title must be eye-catching, it must attract the attention of Internet users and make them want to read the description of the webinar. The description should not be too long or too short. It should match the title and explain the topic of the webinar. About 5 -10 lines are enough.

Plan a webinar program

It is a good idea to schedule a webinar program on several dates. Such an organization makes it possible to adapt its subject and title according to the objectives sought, the previous experiences and the results obtained.

The subject of your first webinar has generated a significant number of qualified contacts, and your goal is to get more, you can then foresee a succession of webinars with the same subject (spaced four weeks).

Your first webinar has brought you a lot of qualified prospects, but you want to expand your target (or change target), so for that purpose, you can make variations on your initial topic.

Finally, your objective is to acquire different prospects and to retain the contacts gained, and you can opt for an annual program of 2 to 6 different subjects. To do this, recycle the content, re-make the webinars perform, create new webinars.

Use all communication channels

To promote your event, all means of communication are good. As soon as you create your webinar, you can advertise it on your site. Five weeks before your webinar you can start promoting on social networks and accentuate it the seven days before the event. Finally, a month before your web conference invite your prospects and customers via an invitation emailing.

Working with Winning Contacts

Analyze your performance

As soon as you have finished your webinar, you have access to key indicators. Indeed, you know your registration performance, the typology of the participants, the scoring and level of commitment of your members, as well as your performances of generation of contacts and export of the file. All this information allows you to evaluate the relevance of your webinar, but also, and especially to know more about your audience and your contacts gained. A prospect is considered to be a prospective registrant who has acted such as participation in your webinar, document download, and business card swap, an award of a note or even someone who has viewed the conference in a replay.

Contact generated leads

You have contact files; you only have to communicate with them. You have understood, with the webinar marketing you have the undeniable advantage of knowing and being known to your prospects. When you contact them there is no need to represent in detail your company and its expertise, they already know! Engage the conversation by asking them what they thought of your webinar if they found your document interesting when they downloaded it etc…. Such an approach will differentiate you from other companies in the eyes of your prospects and will make your negotiations Trade flows.

Repeat the Operation Several Times

The webinar marketing: a means of communication apart

The webinar marketing is not a communication process “one shot”, it implies the implementation of a real strategy in the long term. Besides acquiring contact, it tends to retain existing prospects and customers. It must, therefore, be integrated into your overall marketing strategy as a means of communication in its right.

An action plan must be determined upstream; it must include the number of webinars, Topics and the development of an appropriate communication plan. By analyzing the performance of your first webinar, you will be able to evaluate your performance and adjust your strategy accordingly.

For example, you see that a subject has interested a lot of people but has not generated a lot of participants, in this case, there is certainly a discrepancy between the content of the title and that of the description so that the people arrested By the title did not find in your description the themes that had initially aroused their interest. You will, therefore, opt for another title more in line with your subject and generate the expected contacts.

Recurrence is virtuous

The more you do marketing webinars, the more you are performing and generate qualified contacts. By repeating or diversifying your webinar topics, you will reach a significantly larger target audience. In addition to the retargeting of registered to each webinar, the implementation of a personalized communication plan ensures maximum visibility. Through repetition, you will be able to unveil all of your expertise. Indeed, a webinar with its format of 30 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of question is not sufficient to offer a complete view of the proposed solutions.

Moreover, thanks to the key indicators of your webinar marketing transmitted at the end of each conference you know your strengths and weaknesses and can adapt your speech. This advantage is, of course, valid for future webinars but also for your daily interactions with your prospects and customers. Recurrence also helps retain clients or even bleak prospects who need to be reassured. Indeed, by inviting to each webinar your bases and your prospects you propose to them to know more about you and to follow your evolution.

Marketing tips for successful preparation

Webinars are a powerful tool for generating leads and helping to transform your prospects into customers. By creating an interactivity with the potential candidate already active in its search for information, you have all the cards to initiate an exchange, premise of your future commercial intimacy.

But we do not run webinars without preparation. Their effectiveness is built in the long term and imposes an impeccable implementation: choice of subjects, added value, and quality of speech, upstream promotion and integration in the process of lead nurturing.

Three good practices for preparing your webinars

Leave room for emotions. For a webinar to provoke commitment and be “a beautiful webinar”, it must “arouse in the passion “, “with a top speaker, a popular conference subject, an exceptional live. Marketing commitment is emotion”.

Do not just talk about you / your business. “Content marketing is like a first date. If you want to talk about yourself, there will be a second date.”

Respect the decision-making path of the buyer. Your webinar, or rather your webinars, because the rhythm and regularity are important, will answer the questions of the customer. Its problems and needs will not be the same according to where it is in the cycle of purchase:

  • 1 st stage of the buying cycle: Awareness (the prospect will identify his need).
  • 2 nd step: consideration (compare and study offers),
  • 3 rd stage: The decision (to select and perform the act of purchase).

5 Tips for Successful Lead Generation Webinar

  1. Promote early and often: If you are building your webinars cleanly, Internet users will come – but only if you promote it. Use all possible channels: email campaigns, social networks, paid advertising, website, etc. Also, make sure that your sales team sends out invitations to their prospects and customers. The more you work to promote your webinar, the more participants you have, and your fame will be improved!

  1. Using the webcam: The webinar can be a very engaging experience for the participant. But if you just scroll through PowerPoint slides and add a voice over, you will miss a real opportunity to create a real connection with your audience. Consider the webinar as a lecture you give before a physically present audience. You will want the audience to focus on you and on what you say. The slides should just come in support of the key points you develop.

  1. Ask the Public: Voting with the public is a great way to stimulate your engagement and keep their attention. Integrate surveys into your webinars. Share the results of these studies live with the public so they can see what other webinar participants are thinking.

  1. Create individual slides for each webinar: Do not overload your text slides because a webinar is often viewed on a small computer screen. Use great visuals and short headlines to convey your message. If you are viewing data, make sure to present them in a chart or diagram of interest.
  2. The follow-up to attract additional Internet users: Once the live webinar is over, you still have the opportunity to attract additional prospects to watch it on demand. And as long as the presentation is up-to-date, it can appear in your content library and continue to attract new leads. This will help improve the reputation of your business.


So if you’re looking for a new way to do lead generation, try the webinar. You will surely realize that this is an excellent way to engage your prospects and create more opportunities for your sales team. This will increase your brand awareness!

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