Infutor suite of identity resolution services integrated into Snowflake Media Data Cloud

New function aims to let users enrich and activate first-party data.

Infutor’s suite of identity data and identity resolution services are now integrated in Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud. This allows Snowflake’s brand, agency, platform and publisher clients the ability to enrich and activate first-party data and utilize data clean rooms. 

Infutor says the integration will extend its identity resolution platform and let marketers construct a better, 360-degree view of customers in secure, privacy-forward environments.

The Media Data Cloud is designed to provide low-cost, high-speed data shares that reduce data friction, improve security and accelerate speed to market. Infutor’s embedded Identity Resolution function will take any number of consumer identity inputs, reconcile those to an individual in the Infutor TrueSource™ Identity Graph and return more intelligence to help unlock accurate insights on that identity.

Infutor says its TrueSource™ Identity Graph features 260+ million consumers and 100 million daily updates compiled from deterministic, authoritative and permissible data from numerous privacy and security-compliant sources, enabling marketers to anchor first, second and third-party data sources to the U.S. population. Infutor was recently acquired by risk analytics platform Verisk.

Why we care. This is one of the latest indications of ways in which a pure data cloud like Snowflake is strategically advancing on the CDP space. Many brands plug Infutor’s vast ID database into activation engines like a CDP. Most (by no means all) CDPs contain marketing and other transactional data about consumers. Snowflake and its competitors like Databricks and Confluent offer a single cloud platform for all business data and workloads. Brands investing in something like Snowflake will wonder if they need a CDP too. Nobody wants two sources of truth.

On the other hand, at least one CDP is working hand-in-glove with Snowflake. Simon Data just announced a partnership with Snowflake as part of the “Powered by Snowflake” program. Simon Data is actually built on Snowflake as a downstream application to activate Snowflake data. “Simon Data is the model for how SaaS applications can be built on Snowflake’s technology and fully activate data across the expanding Snowflake ecosystem,” said Bill Stratton, head of media and analytics at Snowflake in a release.

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