How To Prevent & Manage Negative Online Reviews

By  September 12th, 2016


Online Reviews are helpful for any type of business and customers. Users read the reviews before purchasing a product, hiring a service or visiting a place.

A review is the statement of other customer’s experience, and it helps new customers make a decision and have information in advance before using a service o product.

Now, in a perfect world a business will have only great, outstanding reviews, but many times it is not the case. Business owners have to deal with the pain of dealing with angry, dissatisfied customers that write negative reviews.

What about trying to avoid them at first place?

1. All Client-Facing Communication Has To Be Correct

This might sound obvious, but I’m talking about the service staff offers to clients.


Business owners should carefully observe the type of service the staff gives to clients. Is the doctor’s receptionist answering and helping the patient with a great attitude? Is the cashier greeting the customer? All employees are behind the brand name; that is exactly the reason why businesses should have policies for staff when serving clients.

This is a review where patients think a doctor is outstanding; patients love her. However, they don’t feel comfortable with the receptionist.


And this is an example of a customer service complains at a retail outlet.



Pay close attention to how staff is serving customers; it might be time to review the customer service processes.

2. Follow Up After The Business Is Completed

This can give you an idea of the customer satisfaction. If the customer is happy, ask right away for a review.


Otherwise, here is the chance to solve any inconveniences and frustrations the customers might have, giving you the chance to fix them and avoid a negative review.

If the customer gives negative feedback, ­you can evaluate business processes and take action to prevent unfavourable reviews.


Regularly follow up on completed transactions.

3. Address Negative Reviews

Monitor reviews from all business directories. Respond promptly to negative reviews in a professional, helpful and personalized manner. Here is a guide on how to reply to reviews left on Google My Business profiles including some tips.

Maintain professionalism. Take a moment before replying. We know that we don’t have to reply to an email when angry, the same rule applies here. Remember that is the business and the brand giving their version of the events for the world to read it.


Reply reviews in in a professional manner


How To Prevent & Manage Negative Online Reviews

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