How To Leverage Social Media to Market Your SaaS Business

According to a report from Backlinko, 50.64% of the world’s population uses social media, regardless of age or internet access. Given the numbers and ever-rising popularity, social media’s use has expanded beyond our smartphones and laptops to marketing SaaS businesses.

Needless to say, if you’re a SaaS business owner who is not taking advantage of this option, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

When it comes to choosing the right SaaS marketing strategy, you need to think like a customer. You need to understand how you can uniquely sell your product or service by learning about the top social media changes in 2021. This is the goal of social media marketing.

Suppose you are not familiar with this type of marketing. In that case, it’s important to understand that your customers are eager for social media marketing techniques and approaches as they relate to their business needs. They want something new and different from the standard “marketing” approach – they want something that works for them and their business needs. So before diving into other strategies, consider giving social media a try.

So, what’s the novel marketing approach? Let’s quickly explore how you can skyrocket your sales using social media.

SaaS Businesses & Social Media: The Catch

When you think about social media marketing, you probably think about Facebook and Twitter. However, in SaaS and many other industries, social media is not just a way to share information or connect with others. Social media is a business strategy to get people talking about your company, product, or service. That can be done in several ways, and it takes time, effort, planning, and resources.

The software as a Service business is booming thanks to the easy access to tools that allow us to create and sell software without actually owning a physical product, which, in theory, means that you don’t need office space, computers, or equipment. All you want is a laptop and a fast Internet connection.

Social media can help your SaaS business by providing valuable feedback from customers that can make all of the difference in your idea or product’s success or failure.

7 Tips to Market SaaS Business Through Social Media

Here are 10 ways you can use social media as a tool to market your SaaS business to increase exposure and conversion rate, not a distraction from it.

Pay Heed To Online Reviews

All businesses make mistakes – be it a restaurant bringing the wrong dish or a packaging company not delivering the package on time. The trick is how you handle the negative comments if you make mistakes.

Your company may be a largely positive reviewed business. However, this shouldn’t stop you from implementing efforts to convert less-than-positive reviews into positive responses for your business.

Sometimes a negative review is just the opposite of what the customer is looking for in their purchase. An easy way to know is by your response. Frame your reply in such a way that people can feel your emotions through your reply.

Start by acknowledging and apologizing for your mistake, but make sure to keep your reply short and sweet. Add a touch of specificity, and it would really help if you could take the conversation offline.

Keep in mind that online reviews can:

  • Build trust
  • Drive purchases through social proof
  • Expands brand reach
  • Improves brand visibility

A great example of replying to negative reviews is HubifyApps.

How To Leverage Social Media to Market Your SaaS Business

The company is genuinely concerned about the customer and has solved the ongoing issue to build customer’s trust.

Make Social Media a Resource

Make social media a resource and not just a promotional tool. This includes logging in, exploring new posts, and keeping up with industry news. You can also follow along with others who are using the same platform to market their business.

By getting involved on these platforms, it’s possible that you will find helpful information for your business that your company may be missing out on otherwise.

For instance, Trello is leveraging social media to build its brand identity by publishing news articles, informative videos, valuable blogs, etc., on its Instagram channel. They know what customers want, and the company is giving the same to their users.

How To Leverage Social Media to Market Your SaaS Business

Post Regularly to Interact With Customers

Although SaaS startups are escalating in number, many businesses fail just because they can’t keep in touch with their customers, resulting from bad marketing skills.

For this, you must give valuable stuff to your readers on a daily basis. Your business will be better off if you are posting regularly on social media. It gives your business’ identity, and thus, it’s essential to keep it updated. This will help build your brand and inform potential customers of when you have scheduled sales or other important marketing information.

For instance, Asana posts regularly on various social media platforms, including Twitter and LinkedIn that helps them in generating leads and making more and more people join their huge community.

How To Leverage Social Media to Market Your SaaS Business

Find Your Tone That Relates With Visitors

There is no specific tone for social media posts. There are many ways to approach this marketing strategy and make your business covid-proof, but the first thing you need to do is see how many people view your website or social media platform and how users respond to the content you’re placing on there.

This will bestow you with a better idea of what type of tone and style works best for your company. Push content on your social media channels with compelling headlines; users can attract to and feel hypnotized for taking action.

Want inspiration? Buffer is acing its content game with engaging captions and an attractive tone.

Influencer marketing – A Strong Tactic

Engaging with influential users on social media who have similar interests as yours is what influencer marketing is all about. And, it has grabbed the attention of SaaS marketers around the globe.

Influencer marketing is currently the most frequently used online marketing tactic. This is because of its easy accessibility and low costs compared to other online campaign types.

Companies can employ influencers by creating a campaign to target a specific individual or organization or posting content on social media websites and hope that they get retweeted or favorited by an influential person with millions of followers to reach with their message.

So, who’s doing influencer marketing the right way? The list is endless, but we have Adobe, Audible, Canva, Shopify, and SAP, to name a few brands.

How To Leverage Social Media to Market Your SaaS Business

Shopify is raising awareness that the company can help businesses grow for real!

Incorporate Chatbots

Well, customer support is important. But how you interact and solve your users’ queries plays a critical role. Social media has proved to be a great medium to respond to customer service questions.

However, rather than using Facebook’s Messenger application to communicate with your followers or potential customers, use chat rooms instead. Chat rooms are accessible by mobile devices and allow you to use your computer’s microphone to speak with the people in the room.

Try to integrate AI-powered chatbots to automate your customer support. Along with the automated voice, make sure to endow your user with an option to connect with a real person, as it will only be the icing on the cake.

Chatbots can help your business grow by:

  • Faster & reasonable customer service
  • Satisfying the demand for high engagement
  • Generating qualifying leads
  • Increasing conversion rate
  • Increasing the brand value

For instance, the Evernote chatbot is responsible for increasing the company’s support success by 80% via Twitter.

Ace Your Content Game

If your conversions aren’t what you had expected, it’s time to up your content game. Content is undoubtedly the king when it comes to marketing, and it can certainly make or break your marketing campaigns.

So, once you have created your content, do everything that you can to promote it. This includes posting it on social media platforms including Facebook, Google+, and Twitter and sharing it on your blog.

Many SaaS companies out there have strong content marketing strategies, including Moz, Shopify, Zendesk, Groove, and many more.

Moz is the king when it comes to content creation and promotion. Its unique strategy has skyrocketed the brand’s visibility, and they have some tricks up their sleeve that can help your business grow.

How To Leverage Social Media to Market Your SaaS Business

Is Leveraging Social Media Valuable to SaaS Businesses?

Social Media Marketing can be a profitable business model in the long run. The main thing that you need to do is sit back and wait for your business to grow. It’s all about being patient, hard-working, and willing to try new techniques that effectively increase your exposure.

Brand awareness and social media should not be distributed as one package deal but rather as a series of steps that enhance each other when implemented together. When a brand becomes intrigued and invested by its customers, this proves a winning strategy for sales growth.

The best thing to do is to be more creative than others in the industry and try new things. The first step in implementing social media marketing solutions is choosing the platform that you will use. Next, you can choose the type of content you want to produce.

Lastly, it’s important to promote your posts on the social media accounts that you are most active on, every day. This will help keep your name in front of people who are interested in your products or services.

If you are still not sure, here are more than 300 tools for the success of your business, which can help you extend your online presence by improving productivity.

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