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— March 4, 2017

Yes, Your LinkedIn Profile is Totally Different – Here’s the Scoop

One of the most challenging things about being a social media expert, is the constant changing by social media platforms. I do a lot of LinkedIn Profile Optimizations and over the past three weeks have been working on profiles that are now completely different. Microsoft now owns LinkedIn so we knew there would be changes and I imagine once we are used to them, we will see the benefits.

Remember, this is where people go to “check you out” and they will move on to your competition if you don’t look professional, relevant and have a completed profile. Just (March 16, 2017) a colleague emailed me about someone who sent him a Connection Request and he noticed that I was a mutual connection. Issue was that this other professional did not have a picture, his profile was sparse and the link to the website on it went no place. My colleague would not accept the connection request and advised me to let this person know what kind of an impression he was making on LinkedIn. Do Not Underestimate the Power of Your LinkedIn Profile.

I have gotten speaking gigs, board positions, job opportunities, referral partners and clients from LinkedIn. You can too.

Here’s a review of what to expect and how to make the most out of your very important LinkedIn profile. The look is cleaner and highlights key information quickly.

  • Your Summary now shows only a few lines – make them stand out – have a Benefits Statement and Call to Action in the first couple of lines.
  • For each job, once again people would need to click to see the description. Put a few lines in with key words but pay attention to your job title which will stand out.
  • Be sure to include all relevant jobs that pertain to what you are doing now and want to do now. Your older jobs will need to be clicked now to see them but they can be there.
  • If you have done many other things (as so many of us have), go for it. I believe that experience is experience and can expand your knowledge and capability. In addition, the concept of one career is long gone.
  • Be sure to have a professional photo – doesn’t have to be by a professional photographer but that would be great. Current, not more than 5 years old and professional looking. Guys, you may never wear a suit but wear one for the photo unless it is completely out of line with what you do.
  • You will not see Interests, Causes You Care About, Affiliations or Advice for Contacting. One thing about Advice for Contacting, if you have a Disclaimer that needs to be on your profile, be sure to have it in your Summary and perhaps in the current job description. The Disclaimer will no longer be public because the Advice for Contacting has been removed. Check with your compliance department and be sure it is listed wherever else it needs to be. I always had my attorneys and financial professionals list it in Advice for Contacting so this is a change I am not happy about. Perhaps a “Disclaimer Section” should be added to the profile. I will suggest that to LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn Profile is your Resume Online and you would never hand out a half completed, sloppy resume, would you? Be care about spelling and grammar and tweak it now and then to be sure it’s fresh, relevant and current.

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