How to Grow Your Email List – 21 Ways [Infographic]

October 20, 2015

How to grow your email list

Your email list is one of your greatest assets. The search engine giant Google can’t take it away from you. The social media kings (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…) can’t shut it down.

Are you focusing on generating and capturing leads into your email database? Do you want to know how to grow your email list faster? In the infographic below, you’ll learn 21 powerful ways to add targeted prospects to your email list. Some of them require tweaks to your website, others utilize social media channels and still others integrate video and other sites that you may currently be ignoring.

21 Powerful Lead Generation Methods to Grow Your Email List

how to grow your email list through effective lead generation

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21 Methods for Building Your Email List

With 21 methods to choose from you are sure to find several that you could implement in your business right away. It’s not likely that any one company will want to implement them all, that might just be overkill! We’ve listed them below so you have an easy checklist you can review.

  1. Create landing pages
  2. Use opt-in content offers (you’ll see ours below!)
  3. Add opt-in forms to your site
  4. Direct traffic with calls to action
  5. Use social proof in your copy
  6. Collect emails in your store
  7. Use an explainer video
  8. Use the “content upgrade”
  9. Tap into the power of feedback
  10. Create gated videos in Wistia
  11. Visualize your site’s traffic
  12. Use benefit rich, action-oriented copy
  13. Make posts available to download
  14. Collect commenter emails
  15. Use exit intent pop up forms
  16. Host a contest
  17. Speed up your website (this is essential for SEO too)
  18. A/B Test everything
  19. Direct Slideshare traffic
  20. Use Twitter lead cards
  21. Answer questions on Quora

Which methods have you found to be most effective for building your list? Do you have others not mentioned here that have enabled you to grow your email list rapidly? Looking for even more ways to generate leads? Check out our report below.


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