How To Create Facebook Ads That Drive Sales

January 18, 2015

Facebook offers a powerful tool that can be a cost-effective advertising solution if leveraged intelligently. To start, set measurable goals for your Facebook campaigns so you can track success and generate the most engagement and ROI.

Create more quality conversions by establishing the focus and main objective of your campaign, such as increasing engagement with current followers or attracting new audiences. Once your marketing goals are established, leverage the tips below to increase the return of your social advertising.

Target Smart

Facebook’s targeting features are a unique asset to marketers that allow content to be very personal and specific thanks to user-generated information collected by Facebook’s Open Graph.

As users share information on Facebook, and within platforms connected to Open Graph, marketers can use this data to target specific audience segments and increase relevancy. Break campaigns into niche segments to explore which ad content, features, images, and copy create the highest engagement.

Continuously test adjustments in targeting and content to expand the quality and reach of your campaigns. Take full advantage of the many unique features Facebook offers to keep targeting specific, including the ability to upload mailing lists to target current users and leverage database information.

Be Relevant

Once you’ve established the right targeting for your segmented campaigns, it’s important to deliver personalized content and messaging that will help generate conversions. Offer niche-focused ads with specialized copy that speaks to individual segments in order to increase quality leads.

Craft your content and offerings to your audience interests and behaviors. Understand what users expect from your brand on Facebook and what they are willing to leave Facebook to engage with. To increase conversions, use unique landing pages with messaging focused on the content of the ad.

One of the best Facebook advertising features that help marketers stay relevant is retargeting. Leverage Facebook’s retargeting platform to follow customers who have visited your site and remain top of mind with relevant ads.

Stay Actionable

Increase user engagement by keeping ads actionable with ad copy, landing pages, and promotions. Use strong calls to action in your ad copy that offers clear, concise, and compelling drivers. Echo your call-to-action in specialized landing pages to compel users to take the next step after clicking an ad.

To gauge the engagement of particular messaging and ad campaigns, track conversions by creating a conversion pixel for each of your campaigns. This will allow you to see which of your conversions came from Facebook, and specially, which individual campaigns generated the most action so you can identify top performing campaigns.

Offer Value

Offer users a reason to click your ad by providing them something in return for their time. Leverage promotions, discussing unique value propositions, or offer value through entertainment and education. Include exclusive promotions in your Facebook ads with Facebook Offers. Try using unique promotion codes to track sales or give away a free download in exchange for a user’s email to grow your database.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is key for developing conversions from Facebook campaigns. Your ad content, customer flow, and expectations of users should all be kept simple in order to keep engagement high. By overwhelming and complicating the process you will lose customers along the way, and complex ads may never peak interests to begin with.

To keep ads simple, use imagery that is easy to identify at a glance. Creative imagery tends to be more effective at provoking action than lifestyle imagery. Keep text short and simple to increase action and visibility amongst the large amount of ads and news feed content you compete with. Test your own conversion process from a user perspective to eliminate any obstructions that might prevent users from converting.


The key to building quality Facebook ads that drives sales lies in these five principles of targeting, relevancy, action, value and simplicity. By constructing a strategy that includes these elements, your campaigns will generate higher engagement that leads to sales. Experiment with what works best with your brand and continually adjust your campaigns to reflect audience behaviors.

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