How Mobile Marketing Can Help Small Businesses [Infographic]

— April 25, 2018

Today, people spend more time on their mobile more than on their desktop. According to the surveys in the infographic created by Filmora, 48% of millennials watch videos exclusively on their smartphones. From checking an email to visiting any website to check its content, the small mobile screen is convenient and versatile enough to organize your work. Each and every thing you could only previously do on your desktop can now be carried out on your mobile device.

Moreover, Google supports mobile marketing strategies more than any other device as one can reach the consumers on the go with a range of advertisements accessible on mobile devices. Now, obtaining personalized, location and time-sensitive information is simple and easy with smartphones. Let’s check out some of the most important features of mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing Stats & Tips

san diego mobile marketing tips and statistics

Infographic created by Filmora is shared here with their permission.

Mobile Marketing Can Improve Your Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness means building rapport and trust with your clients. How can you do this? This can be done with through mobile marketing. By sharing targeted info and facts about your company with your consumers, your brand gets stamped into the public consciousness, leaving a strong mark on your customers. This bond created by you with your customers will discriminate your brand from the competition. What does that mean? It means when a customer is aware of your brand, you can sell any products that your company offers to them. Even if the product is unfamiliar, the logo of your brand can help them recognize your company and buy other products with the same logo. This makes mobile marketing is vital for creating brand awareness.

Mobile Marketing Creates Customer Engagement

Any kind of interesting content can create customer engagement, especially video and animated content. People use their mobile phones for almost half their day, talking or networking with other mobile users. Sharing messages, tweets, posts, videos, etc. are common activities for most people.

Whatever attracts or engages the customer, they are inclined to share it. This means you can create something interesting that your audience would love to see or hear and use mobile marketing tools to promote it. If your content is engaging enough, at least one person is likely to share it using networking methods. Once shared, it is bound to be shared by others again and again and can even go viral. Using mobile marketing to create customer engagement can help you reap big rewards with little investment and effort.

Mobile Marketing Connects You With Your Customers

Personal brand creation is vital to your business. If you are an entrepreneur or a start-up owner, people often look for your online persona. They may even prefer to be in direct contact with you. Research reveals that approximately 91% of mobile users keep their mobiles within just one-meter distance of their reach. When you connect with your customers on their mobile phones directly, a one-on-one connection is established and this makes your personal brand stronger. Your brand features alongside the friends and family of the user when you call them from your mobile. This also helps in finding prospective investors among your customers so you can grow your company faster.

Mobile marketing is a large part of any short-term or long-term marketing campaign, and it is growing in power with each passing day. The strategies of mobile marketing are not stand-alone techniques. From social media marketing to SEO content, PPC to email, your mobile marketing channel is in every part of the process to reach your audiences according to their comfortability.

Mobile Marketing Tips For Busines

1.Mobile video comes first:

If you’re targeting a younger audience, video should be a part of your mobile marketing strategy.

Did you know that Nearly half (48%) of millennials ONLY watch videos on their mobile devices? They’re three times more likely than baby boomers to watch a video on their mobile device.

2. Build a mobile friendly website

Did you know that 57% of users say they wouldn’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site, and that 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing?

3. Capitalize on Social Media

Did you know the percentage of traffic that comes from mobile devices to these sites?

  • Facebook: 68%
  • Twitter: 86%
  • YouTube: 40%
  • Instagram: 98%
  • LinkedIn: 26%
  • Pinterest: 92%
  • Tumblr: 46%
  • SnapChat: 100%

4. Use Mobile Native Advertising.

These are the types of Ads that show up within the regular content that you consume, so they’re less likely to look like Ads. For this reason people are more likely to click on them and interact with your Ads. These type of Ads have a higher click-thru-rate (CTR of 10.6%), better ad engagement, and are less intrusive that other formats.

5. Use QR Codes to Streamline User Experience

QR codes let your business provide relevant information quickly to mobile users, as it directs them quickly to a landing page or website.

Here’s a great example of how a few bike rental businesses in San Diego, California uses QR codes to fully manage their business. Launched a few weeks ago, a mobile app relies on QR codes to allow anyone with a cellphone to rent one of the thousands of dockless bikes around town.

In short, mobile marketing is here to stay and will not fade away anytime soon. Optimize your strategy for mobile marketing to give yourself an edge over the competition and boost your brand.

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