Holiday Challenges: Why Consumers Struggle To Buy Online

Holiday Challenges: Why Consumers Struggle To Buy Online

by , Staff Writer @lauriesullivan, September 23, 2020

Some 40% of consumers struggle to complete basic tasks on retail websites — and most are likely to abandon the purchase or switch to a competitor rather than seek assistance.

As the critical holiday shopping season approaches, survey data from goMoxie identifies a need for a better approach. The goMoxie survey of 1,063 adult consumers in the United States was fielded through SurveyMonkey in September 2020.

As marketers head into the holiday season, it’s important to ensure that the brands’ websites work without obstacles. The fewer clicks to complete a transaction, the better.

Online shoppers already face many basic obstacles, such as not being able to complete a transaction. The most common struggle points to avoidable failures

Guide customers through product selection when they arrive to the site, and check out when they are ready to make a purchase.

  • 43% of consumers struggle with insufficient, incorrect or confusing information via mobile
  • 43% reported difficulties in site navigation
  • 42% were unable to complete a transaction
  • 36% encountered an error message
  • 22% reported password / login challenges

Consumers are far more likely to abandon the cart and the website if they find it too difficult to complete a transaction. 

  • 62% abandon the shopping experience 
  • 52% will shop with a competitor
  • 26% will contact customer service

When asked which channel consumers prefer to use when contacting a retailer, the telephone came in as the top answer, with email close behind. 

  • 33% chose telephone
  • 26% chose email
  • 25% chose live chat with an agent
  • 13% chose self-service portal
  • 12% chose text and SMS message 
  • 8% chose chatbot and virtual assistant Search & Performance Marketing Daily


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