Facebook Marketing is a smart step towards Online Campaigning

Facebook, founded by Mark Zukerberg and launched in 2004, is a social networking site. It is incredibly crowded and according to Alexa, the second most popular website following Google. In February 2012, there were more than 800 million active users at the site. These users spend over 740 billion minutes per month on Facebook.

How do you look at this web application as an internet marketer? How will you utilize it for endorsing your business? What are the strategies that you will use for Facebook Marketing?

Social networking has given a new shape to internet marketing. It has become one of the top channel for creating brand awareness. More and more number of companies are joining social media to promote their brands by expanding the fan base. Always remember that social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, or Digg can be used for business promotion, but not for business launch.

In case, one is not aware about how to enter into Facebook Marketing, he can hire such services. There are firms providing services for social media management and promotion. These firms use various tools and approaches to increase the online visibility of your business like audience research, development of social identity and content creation.

Make timely checks on the services of the company that you hired. These companies provide reports on your visibility with the help of Facebook marketing metrics. They measure the following aspects:


The easiest way to estimate your social media presence is measuring volume. It indicates the interest of people in your brand. You can know the size of the population that likes to talk about you and your products. This information can be used to refine the posts for increasing users.


This metric helps in evaluating the number of users and friends, who are interacting with you. You can get an idea about the people, who are spreading and sharing your content. Comments, likes, and replies are helpful in getting this information. Ask the service provider to use improved Facebook Marketing methods for high sharing of your content.

Influence and share of voice:

An immense network of friends does not guarantee that they all are influenced with your brand. Just keep a look on the amount of negative and positive posts. This will help you preparing marketing campaigns and updating your products. Finally, for a complete understanding of your social media presence, you need to compare the voices of users. Make a comparison between the popularity of your brand and competitor’s brand.

With the aid of these measurements, you will be able to figure out the influence of your social media activities in a better way.