Expandable Native Gmail Ads Now Available To All In AdWords

Out of beta, the ads expand to deliver a landing page experience within Gmail.

native gmail image ads expandable

Google has announced the roll out of native Gmail ads to all AdWords advertisers.

The ads, which appear at the top of the Promotions tab in personal Gmail inboxes, have been in beta since 2013 and formerly referred to as Gmail sponsored promotions ads.

To get started using native Gmail ads in AdWords, create a Display Network Campaign and skip right past the ad creation stage when you’re creating the campaign. Go to the ads tab in the new campaign and choose Ad Gallery in the new ad drop-down. Gmail ads is now one of the gallery options.

gmail ad templates in adwords ad galleryThere are three template options (see above) and a custom HTML upload option for the expandable version of the ads. The Gmail image template features one image, the single promotion template combines an image, description and call-to-action button, and the multi-product template allows advertiser to feature multiple products when expanded.

Below are some examples of expanded ads.

expandable gmail adsTargeting options include like keywords, affinity audiences, demographics, and topics. Advertisers only pay when a user first clicks to expand an ad.

(Some images used under license from Shutterstock.com.)


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