Effective Marketing is Possible When You Avoid These 3 Mistakes

Small business owners to Fortune 100 and 500 organizations to gain favorable attention and then build relationships with their potential customers spend millions of dollars every day. These sellers use every means available to catch the interest of potential customers from direct mail to traditional advertising to pay for click ads to social media such as Twitter or Linked In.

Yet, the real question to be answered and one that many cannot is “How many customers did you secure from that marketing campaign or initiative?” This is not a very difficult question given the goal of marketing is to bring people into the sales process with the ultimate objective to increase sales. So why do businesses fail to answer this simple question?

My sense is for these three simple and basic reasons. First, they never begin their marketing with clearly defined desired results. How many clients do they want from this marketing activity? Sales Training Coaching Tip: Always define the results first.

From the results, you then conduct the necessary market research. Unfortunately as my good friend Bill Napolitano has so often said “”Captain Wing It is the frequent behavior.” What he means is that business people fail to plan their work and work their plan. What happens is there is a lot of spraying and praying with the hope that something sticks.

For example, how many business professionals attend business networking events without having a goal? They distribute tens to hundreds of business cards “willy nilly” and then cannot fathom why they cannot increase sales.

Second, they fail to take personal responsibility specific to having some basic marketing knowledge. This ignorance lets them be the prey of Internet marketing to regular marketing firms who promise the world and deliver a very expensive empty peanut shell. Sales Training Coaching Tip: Self improvement in marketing can also help with your selling skills.

Given the plethora of marketing experts between the Internet and published books, ignorance is no longer a viable excuse. Savvy business professionals now more than ever must invest time to work on the business instead of being so encased on working in the business to paraphrase Michael Gerber of the E-Myth. Sales Training Coaching Tip: Do not allow fear to keep you from asking for help from other business owners or sales professionals.

The third and final reason is the aversion to tracking the metrics of the efforts. Many businesses are totally clueless as to how someone heard about them. There are no processes in place, no metrics to monitor new business.

When these three mistakes are avoided, marketing can be effective and deliver a positive return on your investment not too mention increase sales and customers.

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