Draw Them a Picture: 4 Benefits of Infographics for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

— March 5, 2019

Draw Them a Picture: 4 Benefits of Infographics for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Heard the phrase “a picture speaks louder than 1,000 words?” 65% of the population agree that looking at a picture communicates more than words can. Safe to say that if you’re not using pictures in your digital marketing mix, you’re missing out.

There are many benefits of infographics in your marketing. Let’s take a look at the top four and how to implement them today!

Four Marketing Benefits of Infographics

Want to reach the community faster than a radio advertisement or a press release could? An infographic, a visually compelling image, will do the trick! Infographics are a great way to display complex information, statistics, and to show comparisons.

1. Digestibility and Shareability

Infographics show text and graphics together in a digestible and shareable format.

The format of an infographic is an image file or a PDF. These are shared via email without going over sending limits. Having an accessible format makes for re-sharing, re-tweeting, and posting across social platforms.

Not only can you share on social media platforms, or through an email, but you publish your infographics onto your website platform.

2. Awareness for Your Brand

Consumers are inundated with new information from brands every single day. Using relevant infographics that feature your logo, brand information, and brand colors helps consumers to relate high quality with your brand.

3. Highlights Thought Leadership and Expertise

An infographic really sets you apart from your competition. It shows you have knowledge about a specific product, service, or topic. Displaying this knowledge in laymen’s terms teaches your audience that you’re willing to go the extra mile to share that knowledge.

Infographics are not based on opinion, they are fact-based documents. They often display statistics from credible institutions, research, and important surveys. Digesting this complex information and spitting it back out in a non-complex way proves expertise.

4. Improves Search Engine Optimization

If you’re looking to improve your search engine optimization and drive more traffic to your website, an infographic library helps. The more people share your infographic and link back to it, the higher your page rank in Google will be.

The more shareable and viral infographics you have in your marketing mix, the better the outcome will be on SEO.

Where to Start

If you have no idea where to start with making an infographic, there are a few steps you must take.

First, find a topic that is visually appealing and one your audience would find helpful. Then, do some research on that topic. Come up with important statistics, surveys, images, or graphs. Lastly, find an infographic creator to design your infographic. You may have a designer in-house or have to outsource.

Once you have your infographic good to go, post it on your website, share it with your important customers and clients, and send to your social media channels. Sit back and watch the positive impact it has on your audience.

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