Chatsuite announces new chatbot creation and management features for agencies

The London-based company, one of the first platforms for chatbot marketing, was formerly known as BetterBrand.

Chatsuite logo

In April, shortly after Facebook released the chatbot API for its Messenger app, BetterBrand launched what it described as the first chatbot marketing platform for brands.

Today, the London-based company — now rebranded as Chatsuite — is launching new features that it says are the first specifically built for ad and marketing agencies.

The updated platform adds several new capabilities: the ability to administer bots and bot content, and a new scheduler to handle multiple notifications, for multiple bots with multiple brands. Here’s a screen showing the multi-bot scheduler:

Chatsuite scheduler

Notifications can be sent by the brand or agency to the chatbot about, say, a new price discount on a product.

The platform is not completely self-service. Chatsuite provides agency-targeted training, as well as a managed service that sets up a chat’s interactive flow. The brand or agency provides the content and bot admin.

Chatsuite, which also has offices in New York City, Atlanta and Tel Aviv, currently supports Facebook Messenger, Kik, Viber and Telegram chat messaging platforms.

CEO and founder Asaf Amir told me that the Huffington Post is using his company’s platform for its Netflix chatbot recommender and that the new agency features were developed in conjunction with an unnamed Europe-based agency as a design partner.

With several billion users for chat apps, the growing field of chatbots is attracting a variety of creation/management platforms for marketers, including Imperson, Massively, Sequel and, on the low end, products like Chatfuel.

Amir said that Chatsuite’s differentiators include a content randomizer to shuffle a chatbot’s responses for return users, and an attribution tracker that follows users through purchases or actions like form signups.


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