Boosting Small Business Sales Through Online Customer Engagement

— December 12, 2016

As you begin shifting your attention to online sales inside of your small business, there’s no better place to turn than customer engagement. By using simplistic online strategies, you can build a virtual footprint that leads clients directly to your doorstep. If you’re new to SEO, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed as you begin competing against the “best” businesses in your city. Luckily, setting up your business to boost your online sales is easy. It may take a little bit of time and patience, but once you get your website in front of customers actively searching for your services your business can explode.

While marketing “experts” make SEO sound difficult, these 5 simple strategies will allow you to place your business where it counts the most. In front of customers.


Strategy #1: A Website Built for your Customers

By building a website that is designed for your customers, you’ll discover that your business has a competitive edge against your rivals. There are 3 major aspects to building a website that your customers love.

  1. Your website’s load time will determine whether customers stay or go. 40% of website visitors abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  2. A website made for mobile devices. According to Google, 50% of local searches happen on mobile and 67% of mobile consumers prefer local ads. This study indicates the significance of making your website adaptable to mobile devices.
  3. Your website should have a call to action button immediately available when the customer visits.

Strategy #2: Website Engagement

Google released a study that indicates 18% of your online visitors will make a purchase within the same day of visiting your website. This suggests that as your potential customers visit your website, they want to feel comfortable making their decision. If your prospect leaves your website without engaging with your business, you’ve possibly lost them forever. This is why creating content that’s tailored to inspiring your potential customers to take action is crucial. Your actions can vary, but a website with no call to action creates a business with zero new customers. Ultimately, a website that doesn’t spark action, becomes invisible to potential customers.

Strategy #3: Community Engagement is a Must


Social media and community engagement are a lot more powerful than being in the socially relevant. If your business isn’t making a splash inside of your community, new customers won’t be able to discover your business when they need you most. The unsettling truth is that your website should be bursting across your community, and high-quality content that produces organic backlinks rule online algorithms. You can use visual content, infographics and video content to get more engagement and backlinks.

Strategy #4: Customer Satisfaction Comes 1st

According to BrightLocal, 84% of customers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations that come to your business. Before you strive to get more customers into your business from online marketing, it’s crucial to get your customer service in order. As you are setting up your online footprint, pay special attention to details when it comes to making your customers happy. Your current customers ultimately rule if you stay visible in the future, and a couple of early bad reviews could kill your attempts to boost your online sales.

Your priority should be to encourage customers to write reviews online. As you’re looking for good reviews pay special attention to your customer’s first impression, the overall enjoyment of the experience, solutions that make customers happy when your business naturally encounters problems, consistent communication and your customer’s last impression. This will help you streamline your customer satisfaction rates.


Strategy #5: Use PPC Methods to Spark Online Momentum

Another powerful strategy when looking to boost your online footprint is to pay for advertising every time your business receives a visit from high potential customers. If you’ve put in the work and apply the other four strategies, you’ll discover that PPC is a profitable experience for your business. Using PPC strategies will create immediate sales while boosting momentum for your online marketing footprints.

Conclusion and Takeaway

It may take time and effort, but using these 5 simple strategies inside of your SEO campaign will boost your sales drastically. If you’re excited about taking your business to the next level, look no further than building an online marketing campaign for your business.

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