7 Free Facebook Marketing Tools for Savvy Digital Marketers

— September 1, 2017

7 Free Facebook Marketing Tools for Savvy Digital Marketers

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It’s every digital marketer’s desire to make the most of Facebook, but there are several barriers that stand in the way. While some marketers can’t figure out what their content is lacking, others struggle know what they want to create but lack the resources to do it. The great news is that there are several Facebook marketing tools out there that can help.

The following is a list of 7 free Facebook marketing tools that you can use to accelerate your Facebook marketing efforts. What’s even better is that they are all free!

1. Canva for cover, post and ad design

You probably create many custom images for your Facebook marketing. That process can be simplified by using Canva. Canva is a graphic design tool that stocks several life-saving, wonderful templates.

What these templates do is create the basic design for your page covers, posts and ads. The only that’s left is to insert your text, after which you’re good to go. Optionally, you could tweak the basic design to suit your needs by using filters, different colors or drag-and-drop objects. What I like most about Canva is its intuitiveness, which makes using the app an effortless experience.

2. DrumUp for social media management and content

Sure there are tons of apps that let you schedule Facebook posts in advance, but this is one of the few that also helps with content. DrumUp is a social media management tool that also helps you curate keyword based content suggestions, save and reuse posts within the app and attach RSS feeds for content updates.

What’s great about this combination is that you not only get to schedule posts and review them in a content calendar, but you get to optimize post reach and reduce your effort by setting the post on a repeat schedule. DrumUp’s content suggestions also come with @mention and #tag suggestions, which can help you increase engagement on social media and build important relationships.

3. Likealyzer for page performance and competitive analysis

How can you expect to improve your Facebook marketing strategy consistently if you aren’t tracking your current progress? Likealyzer is a page analysis tool that provides in-depth information about you Facebook page’s viability.

Unlike other analytics tools, Likealyzer doesn’t need you to submit any personal information. It only needs page URLs to generate insights. This makes the tool a great option for performing competitive analysis. You can use the tool to identify which of your competitors to look at for inspiration and which ones to avoid following.

4. Pagemodo for design, contests and ads

Facebook banned like-gating for contests in 2014. That made it difficult to run contests on the social media platform and that’s when apps like Pagemodo came into prominence. Pagemodo is a Facebook management app that helps with design, ads and contests.

The app lets you create and run contests, while also collecting leads. The contests are connected to contact forms for lead capture and can be designed to offer coupons or other exciting prizes. Pagemodo also helps with other important tasks related to Facebook marketing, like designing a custom page cover or creating custom tabs.

5. Headline analyzer to optimize emotional value of headlines

Of the top Facebook posts that went viral in 2016, most had positive emotions associated with their titles. That’s the value of emotionally powerful titles on Facebook. Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer focuses on assessing the emotional marketing value of your headlines. After all, appealing to your customers’ emotions is the best way to connect with them on a deep level.

The tool also considered optimum title length, as it cuts off anything beyond 20 words, and assesses how many emotional value words you have in the total number of words in your title.

6. Tabsite for promotions and contests

Engagement is a critical part of Facebook marketing, and affects how your brand is perceived by fans. Promotions and contests that used to be an indispensible part of traditional marketing, continue to be an important part of modern marketing via social media.

Tabsite is a Facebook promotions tool that houses different apps that can be used to promote your website and generate leads via Facebook. You can use the app to run contests with coupons and collect leads while doing it, just like you would with Pagemodo.

7. SumoMe for easy page sharing to Facebook

If blog posts constitute a huge chunk of the referral traffic you receive from Facebook, you are likely to find SumoMe useful. SumoMe is a page sharing and lead generation tool that can help you make the most of the traffic you drive from social media platforms to your web pages.

The SumoMe plugin that you add to web pages allows your visitors to share web pages and blog posts effortlessly. The tool also helps with the creation of lead capture forms that you can use to get email opt-ins on select web pages or your blog.


Every digital marketer hopes to make the most of the potential that Facebook has to offer. With the largest number of MAU in the social media world, Facebook can give you access to a massive section of your target audience across geographies and the opportunity to make an impact on them. All you need is the right resources to ensure that it happens. This post lists some free resources that you can use.

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