5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Results Today

by Kate Nolen June 23, 2016
June 23, 2016

QuickWinsBlogAs a nation, we Americans are an impatient bunch.

We burn our mouths drinking coffee that we know is scalding hot, we jaywalk instead of waiting for the crosswalk light to flash, and we push elevator buttons that are already illuminated, hoping that will bring us to our destination faster.

When it comes to SEO results, we’re no different. If you’re paying a digital marketing team to optimize your website for SEO, you want immediate results.

If you’re like us and you want results fast, here are the 5 best tips to beat the SEO waiting game.

  1. Optimize Existing Content

There are a number of things you can do to optimize the content that is already on your website to increase your SEO rankings.

-Using Google Analytics, identify pages on your site that are performing well with organic traffic but have a high bounce rate. Find ways to optimize these pages in order to keep people on your site. Try improving your internal linking, including more calls to action (CTAs) on the page.

-Check your website’s meta data to make sure all of your pages have title tags, H1 tags, and meta descriptions. If any meta data is missing or inaccurate, update it. Title tags should be no more than 65 characters, and meta descriptions should stay within 155 characters.

-Review your content for link earning opportunities. For example, if you wrote an article for your blog about the best places to buy a cheesesteak in Philadelphia, reach out to the restaurants you featured and ask them to link to your content.

  1. Improve Rank for Converting Pages

Log into Google Analytics to find pages on your website that are converting well, and identify what keywords they’re targeting. Focus on optimizing those pages further, and find opportunities to include those top-converting keywords in other pieces of content.

  1. Find Competing Content on Your Site

Have multiple pieces of content on your site about the same topic? Combine them. And make sure to redirect the URLs so there is only one page for web visitors to land on.

  1. Fix 404 Errors

Use a tool like Screaming Frog to find 404 errors on your site, and correct them.

  1. Clean Up Citations

Look at third-party websites such as Google My Business, Bing Places, Facebook, Foursquare, and Yelp to make sure your business’s name, address, phone number, and website are accurate.

Stream’s Kick-Start Step

Go into your Google Analytics account, and make a list of webpages with high amounts of organic traffic and high bounce rates. Brainstorm ways you can optimize each page to keep visitors on your website. Once you have a plan in place, you’ll be able to optimize the pages quickly!

Now that you have these 5 SEO tips straight from the experts, you’ll be increasing your website rank and traffic in no time! Check out this SEO checklist to help you stay organized, improve your business’s organic visibility and crush your competition!



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