3 Ways to Turn Instagram Followers into Customers Starting Today!

September 23, 2016

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world and it seems like everyone is talking about how to get more followers.

The larger your audience is the more opportunity you have for selling, so your follower count is definitely important. However, just because you amass a large following doesn’t mean that you will be able to get those followers to make a purchase.

Today I want to share three actionable tips to help you turn Instagram followers into customers!


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These tips aren’t scammy or won’t annoy your followers. They are tips that will help you drive revenue in a way that’s on-brand by incorporating the high quality content you’re (hopefully) already producing for your Instagram account!

Shall we jump right into it?

Let’s go!

1. Create a Shoppable Instagram Feed

One of the easiest ways to generate revenue from Instagram is to create a shoppable Instagram feed. Usually this means a software-as-a-service company like ReadyPulse will duplicate your feed and make all of the images clickable.

For example Stace Stocks is a large sock retailer that caters to athletes. Here is their regular Instagram feed, @StanceSocks:

stance socks instagram

In the bio section of the Stace Instagram profile you’ll see a link that begins with likeitwant.it. Clicking that link will take you to the Stance Socks shoppable feed.

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 11.03.29 AM

You can see that the shoppable feed is a mirror image of the regular feed. However, when you click on any of the images in the shoppable feed you’re taken directly to the Stance e-commerce website where you can place an order.

All of the links are tagged with trackable UTM parameters so you can also see exactly how much revenue your Instagram shoppable feed is driving inside Google Analytics or whichever analytical software you use.

Because I’ve used ReadyPulse before I know that you can link any of your individual Instagram posts to any page on your website. This means you can link to the homepage, category pages, individual category pages, blog posts or any other place that is most appropriate.

If you’re promoting a specific product I would suggest linking to that product page. If you’re introducing a new product or service you might link to a blog post or video page that explains more. The customization options are endless to fit your needs for each post!

Software for creating these shoppable feeds will usually cost about $ 500 or more per month. For e-commerce companies it’s a solid investment!

2. Use the Link in Your Bio Wisely

If you’re not really interested in paying for a shoppable feed you do have a great alternative with the free link that Instagram allows you to place in your bio!

There are two ways to use the Bio Link. You can put a link to your homepage and leave it there 365 days a year. That’s what a lot of companies do, and it’s an okay option.

When you post an Instagram about a product or service you can then end your caption with “click the link in my bio for more info!”

For example, DecoFruta, a fruit bouquet company, employs this strategy. Here is their Instagram profile with link to their website:

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 11.14.51 AM

In almost every post they include a fun caption along with the words “link in bio to order.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 11.16.34 AM

That’s a pretty smart tactic, but one small improvement could help them increase their conversion rate. That would be to update their Instagram profile each day to include a link to the specific fruit bouquet they are posting about that day!

This process requires remembering to update the link each time a new Instagram post goes up, but it really helps out the consumer because the burden is no longer on him or her to sort through a site to find the advertised product.

The easier you can make it for your consumers to place an order the better!

3. Post Product Demo Videos

Another way you can really help your products sell through Instagram is by demonstrating how easy it is to use them! BeautyBlender is a company that creates makeup application products and they do a really great job with posting product demo videos to Insta.

Here is an overview of BeautyBlender’s Instagram profile:

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 11.29.45 AM

The BeautyBlender is easy to use and understand for most women who are used to applying makeup every day, but it never hurts to see a short demo with tips – especially from the pros!

For example BeautyBlender recently had supermodel, Bella Hadid, create a short Instagram video showing her pamper routine that incorporates the BeautyBlender.

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Author: Jonathan Chan