3 Tips to Rock the Hell out of Your Facebook Timeline and Turn Yourself Into a Social Media Maven

August 23, 2015

Most of us on Facebook spend a lot of time interacting, but when we post things on our Facebook wall about our business it’s like crickets. Post a picture of your baby are your dog and you get 30 to 50 likes. So basically everyone on your Facebook friends list is telling you they don’t care about your business. Or do they?

You very well may just be leaving an  opportunity on the table each time you post a link on your Facebook wall. I was one of those people. I would spend time creating content and sharing it  without anyone taking the time to consume it. Now when I post on a related business topic it’s not unusual to get 30 or 50 likes and upwards of 30 to 50 comments from my ideal customers. (Note that since Facebook has added threaded comments to your Facebook wall, the comment count number has down, but the overall number of comments has increased.)

Here are 3 lessons I learned on the path to creating an engaging Facebook timeline:

1. Create content that sparks a conversation.

Posting a link to a video on YouTube is not really helpful. People want to stay on Facebook. They want to scroll through their news feed and they want to actively participate. You need to post topics that people can have an opinion and share about. Posting a link to your new product does not open up a conversation.

Posting a story about how you went about creating that product and the challenges you faced does.  At the end, you can ask people if they experienced similar problems and how they solve them.

2. For God sake’s give VALUE

your Facebook wall is not YOUR Facebook wall if you’re using it for marketing. That means you need to show value for people visiting in every single post so that they interact with you. This comes from sharing stories with lessons in it, sharing quotes that   teach people about your topic, and sharing resources with them that they would find useful.

It also means sharing the spotlight with people who are doing great things in similar niches as you. I am writing a book about this topic (more to come )

3. Who the hell are you?

If someone comes to your Facebook page and ask themselves “what is this person about?” Would they know? It should be obvious. You need to consistently post content that shows you are an authority on a specific topic. A bunch of schizophrenic posts mixed in with dog pictures will not show people you’re an expert in acupuncture (or whatever your field is).

Bonus tip: “Post sequence” matters big time. Visit me on Facebook and Post a comment on my wall (or Pm Me) for the details about this little secret engagement tip that will turn you from casual connector to a superman of Facebook organic marketing.

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