3 Things You Need To Know About Adwords’ Structured Snippets

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Earlier this year, Google Adwords introduced dynamic structured snippets, which can give customers a “preview” of the type of content your site provides.

While it’s additional “real estate” for your ads, a lot of people got frustrated because these dynamic structured snippets would be adding “snippets” that are totally irrelevant.

Fortunately, Structured Snippets Extensions came to the rescue.

So What Are Structured Snippet Extensions?

Here’s the verbatim from Google’s announcement:

“Structured snippet extensions = advertiser-provided structured information that show with your text ads”

These are the available options for “Structured snippet extensions”:


Structured snippet extensions are available in your ad extensions tab inside Adwords. (By the way, if you wish to opt-out of the dynamic structured snippets feature in adwords, you need to fill out this form)

Just create a new structured snippet. Then choose from one of the predefined headers.

A header reflects the category of the products or services that you provide.

For example, you’re a college school and you’d like to highlight the “amenities” that your college provides.

Here’s what you might want to include:


Like any ad extension, these new structured snippets can be further modified with:

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3 Things You Need To Know About Adwords’ Structured Snippets
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