15 Top Digital Agencies Sharing Great Work On Social Media

October 5, 2015

Digital agencies are no longer just finding their way and are now some of the strongest companies around, using funding as a springboard to even greater heights.

The best digital agencies practise what they preach, and have incredibly fluid marketing campaigns that bring traffic, engage audiences and position them as authorities in their field. Exactly what you would expect a digital agency to do for you, in fact.

In this post, we will look at some of the top digital agencies at the moment and their social media engagement. We will also try and work out what it is that they do that enhances their brand. And hopefully, we can learn a lesson or two from them.




This agency is one of the biggest and best known in the world, never mind just London. A clearly ground-breaking outfit, they have handled some incredible campaigns. Clients have included Nike and Verizon, and their work is distinctive and refreshing.

Click Consult


These guys are, according to The Drum, one of the biggest marketing agencies in the UK (they made the top 20 list). Primarily focused on search engine marketing, the agency has some major clients, including Lloyd’s Pharmacy and Virgin Balloons, who love their way with SEO marketing in general.



These guys are constantly showing that they are the most informed and authoritative digital agency around. They consistently rank well in ‘best of’ reports. Their recent ‘Say it With Bacon Campaign’ earned 500m impressions.



Based in London, and a legend in marketing, the Ogilvy One brand has consistently shown it understands the online space better than most agencies in the world.

Fred & Farid (Paris)


With an impish smile, this agency has been known to introduce fake social media work just to get extra special attention for their clients. They’re also ranked highly in the eyes of the media, and those in the social media know.

Razorfish (New York)


Known for being extra sharp (sorry) on social, they have done some outstanding work with Mercedes-Benz.

Deep Focus (US)


Responsible for a Lay’s campaign that engaged nearly 3 million Americans, Deep Focus are just getting started. But they’re impressive to say the least.

Wunderman (London)


Over 175 offices and a huge back catalogue of inspiring social media marketing make this agency a truly special one.

Dare (London)


Dare is not a new agency, even though they keep calling themselves one. But their work is most definitely cutting edge and stands somewhere between innovation and ‘how the hell did they do that?’



Holler are coming up with something amazing, an approach that makes them an agency to watch, and some incredible clients. They’re fun, too, and have an endearingly irreverent feel.

Naked Communications


Often known as just ‘Naked’, these guys have a really impressive client list and focus on creating disruptive content, not to mention offices around the world.

Poke London


Despite having a name that links incredibly closely to Facebook (remember ‘poking’?), this agency has become a true star online. They have now left FB to focus on Twitter more closely. An outstanding team and an impressive client list.



This agency is a huge operation and has some award-winning work under its belt. The team is incredibly proud of what it achieves, which is evident across its social media work.

Perfect Fools


Up and coming but in the very best sense of the word. They are already creating huge waves in digital. Perfect Fools come from Stockholm. They are now rocking it across Europe and the world with high quality digital creative type stuff.

Digitas LBi North America


Based everywhere, including in Australia, Digitas continues to bring a strong focus on high-quality digital work that is helping transform client’s fortunes across the globe.

The Big Takeaway

Each of these agencies is focusing on broadcasting their work as much as they possibly can. They look at their client list and create social media content that shows the world what they have achieved. And this works.

If a business is to learn anything from the way these agencies work on social, it is that the key to making social media work for you is to constantly show and prove what you have achieved. Social proof in the way of client stories and other aspects of testimonial work is also a given.

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