14 Ways Facebook Is Like Game Of Thrones

  • April 8, 2015

    john snow

    1. Grammar Police run rampant on Facebook and are very unforgiving. Unfortunately, the majority of Facebook Users could care less about proper grammar (or spelling, or punctuation.)

    1. Studies show that people are more depressed using Facebook due to all the wonderful updates from their Friends – everyone has the perfect marriage, perfect kids, perfect life. My mother always told me – be aware that the people who talk the most about how great everything is, they are usually the most unhappy and their life is usually not so swell.

    1. Even though you hated that girl in high school you Friend her anyway. In fact, you know more about her now and talk more with her than you ever did and the funny thing is – you still can’t stand her!

    1. Some of your Friends can be a little overbearing and/or annoying. Their comments on your Updates really tick you off sometimes.

    1. It is fairly certain that one of your Friends will climb the Soap Box and spew forth their opinion on politics/religion/etc. and in your mind they could not be more wrong.

    1. Admit it, you love a good passive aggressive fight on Facebook. Seeing your Friends go at it on Facebook is pure entertainment – though you would never admit it.

    1. You are always surprised to learn that quite a few of your Friends have a drinking problem.

    1. Those awkward updates from your Friends about information you would rather not know are quite uncomfortable.

    1. You can ALWAYS count on that one Aunt who uses Facebook to Like everything you post.

    1. Just skip commenting on anything political – seriously, it will just frustrate you because in today’s political world the divide is extremely large and not worth your energy to argue.

    1. Sometimes the weather updates from your Friends can be a bit much. Yes, we know it is cold/hot/snowing/raining/etc.


    1. There is always that Friend you can count on to share every last detail about their meal complete with lovely photograph.

    1. You usually see your Friends’ kids on Facebook more than you see your own in real life.

    1. Basically Facebook is a free-for-all, post what you want, spew forth your opinions, it matters not what anyone thinks of you.

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