Work in one of these 7 industries if you want to go fully remote in 2023


By Michael Grothaus

If your goal for 2023 is to find a fully remote job that lets you work from home (or from anywhere you choose) without ever needing to step foot in an office again, you’ll want to pay attention to data compiled by FlexJobs, a jobs website that focuses on hybrid and remote work.

Work in one of these 7 industries if you want to go fully remote in 2023

FlexJobs’s data shows that those hoping to go all-remote should focus their search on select industries—seven of them to be precise. The jobs site says that data compiled between January and December 2022 reveals that these seven specific industries each saw at least 20% growth in full-time fully remote jobs. Those industries are:

    Nonprofit and philanthropy



    Medical and health


    Accounting and finance

    Project management

FlexJobs notes that the linking thread between these industries is that all are part of the knowledge economy. That is, they trade in information and ideas. And since information and ideas can be shared via any communications medium—from over the phone to Zoom calls—it’s no wonder such industries have the highest growth rates in fully remote jobs.

And the good news for fully remote job hopefuls? FlexJobs says that the “momentum for fully remote jobs will continue its upward trajectory.”

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