Why is Instagram Influencer Marketing So Effective in 2020? [Infographic]

Influencer marketing has taken the internet world by storm.

Now the question is – why is Instagram the leader of the influencer pack?

One of the leading causes is the photo-sharing application’s kickass engagement rates.

A report by Sprout Social revealed interesting details: On seeing a product or service on Instagram, 79% of those surveyed searched for more details, 31% followed the account, and 29% talked to someone about it.

Why Do Customers Think Highly of Instagram Influencers?

Attempts of direct advertising are being increasingly disdained by consumers.

In this light, a form of advertising that is subtle, relationship-based, and coming from people they look up to, triumphs.

That’s Instagram influencer marketing in a nutshell.

Influencers are individuals that consumers have been following for days, months, or even years. They have insights into their lives – what they wear, what they eat, what they like, etc.

Furthermore, consumers have the leeway to only follow those influencers that they genuinely like.

So, when these influencers review and introduce your business’ products to their trusted audience, there’s a higher chance that their followers will indeed consider purchasing your products.

The message comes across more authentic than if it comes from you as a brand. With the rise of authentic micro-influencers, now this word-of-mouth marketing tactic is as well relevant for companies with a smaller budget.

Why Are Instagram Stories Effective for Influencer Marketing?

Instagram Stories and influencers are just like peanut butter and jelly.

Why is that?

Stories allow influencers to be more versatile with their content. From unboxing a package to posing with the product to reviewing it, Stories enable influencers to put out detailed content.

The combination of Instagram feed posts and Instagram Stories has been proven to be very successful.

While a feed post positions your product very visibly, a Stories post allows for more explanation and detailed review.


Most of the influencers’ followers will be hearing about your product for the first time. Stories are a great way to provide that additional context they might need to really consider your brand or products as relevant to them.

Furthermore, users are less likely to experience content fatigue.

Next, the call-to-action via the “Swipe Up” feature helps generate clicks. Influencers do not have to direct users to their “link in bio” anymore.

Lastly, Instagram Stories offer insights into a wide variety of metrics. Profile visits, website clicks, forward taps or back, and the number of replies, are just to name a few.

This allows brands to measure the efficacy of collaborations and make necessary changes in the future.

Why Are Micro-Influencers So Popular on Instagram?

Micro-influencers with followers between 10K-50K have higher engagement rates than macro-influencers.

Let’s see why.

  • Their content is more relatable
  • They boost engagement by means of interacting with followers
  • Content produced by them is looked at as authentic

After all, what would you trust more? A product advertised by Angelina Jolie, or by a micro-influencer?

Finally, these influencers are much more cost-effective, and thus a preferred choice for ecommerce, small businesses, and startups.

This blog post was simply a sneak-peek into Instagram influencer marketing in 2020. For more insights, check out this infographic by Fourstarzz Media.

Why is Instagram Influencer Marketing So Effective in 2020? [Infographic]
Image Source: Fourstarzz Media

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