Why Descriptions Of Your Social Media Accounts Are Important

December 6, 2014


You’ve made sure to open up Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media accounts you know will grow your business. You know these accounts will enhance your PR efforts by connecting you with millions of people around the world.

However, while you were right in starting up these accounts, you have some things missing. For one, there’s no description on any of them. When someone finds your account, they just see your Twitter handle or Facebook page.

Are these little snippets of text about your business or brand really that important? More than you realize.

Why Descriptions Of Your Social Media Accounts Are Important image social media button 225x300.jpgWhat You’re All About

Imagine looking up a company you heard about – let’s call them Mega Coffee. Mega Coffee has a website you stumble upon with a Google search. You click on it…and there’s nothing on the front page, just a huge picture of coffee beans. Sure, they look delicious and ready to brew some coffee, but what else does the front page tell you?

Not much, and you wouldn’t be wrong in scratching your head and clicking the back button. The website hasn’t told you very much about the company and what they’re all about. Why are they called Mega Coffee? What’s their mission statement? Who is behind the curtain

All of this could be said quickly on a front page. And this is precisely what you’re doing to people who stumbled across your social media accounts. They have no idea what you’re about. A simple explanation and description gives them that so they know what they’re getting into.


When someone searches for “Coca-Cola + Facebook,” the result that pops up on Google will either pull from one of two places. It will pull up your first post on the page or, if there’s a description, from there.

Now let’s say someone searches for that and Coca-Cola’s first post is about a charity they support. Someone who has never heard of Coca-Cola (yeah, I know, but it COULD happen) might think the company is about charity and not a sugary beverage.

Considering how important that first impression is, you want all your ducks in a row. When you enter a description into your social media accounts you help control your destiny (and how your potential customers see you) instead of leaving it all up to chance.

Other Tidbits

Don’t forget you can put basically whatever you want into the description. You can even lead people to other sites and social media services you use more. The whole purpose of linking to other sites and using social media for businesses in the first place is to persuade people to interact with you and eventually become customers.

So let’s say you have a Facebook page but you use your Twitter more to interact with customers. You could always put in the description “Delivering mega-delicious coffee to millions. Follow us on Twitter @MegaDeliciousCoffee!”

This way you’ve still filled out a descriptor for the account but you’ve always informed everyone that Twitter may be the way to go as far as social media for you. Plus, users normally have multiple social media accounts and if they love you enough will follow you everywhere.

Have you adequately filled out all your descriptions on all your social media profiles?

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