What’s Your Social Media Impact? [Quiz]

  • — November 11, 2016

    Ever wondered how ‘social’ your professional brand is? What impact your social media actions have on your professional brand? Do you know what needs to be done in order to shift your brand to the next level?

    When I set up Tribal Impact I developed the Employee Social Media Maturity Model based on years of experience leading Social Business at SAP EMEA working with employees to build their online brand.

    The model set out to illustrate that not every employee is the same when it comes to social media adoption and employees will progress at different intervals…if at all.

    What’s Your Social Media Impact? [Quiz]

    Understanding the social media appetite of employees will save a lot of time, cost and energy when it comes to implementing employee advocacy in the future. It allows you tailor training to specific needs, identify your potential thought leaders and create a foundation for measuring change over time.

    The social media maturity model became one of my most popular blog posts but it was always my ambition to create an online quiz where people can map themselves to the model. A quiz based on quantitative data rather than gut feel and hunches.

    Fast forward 1 year and after a lot of head scratching, question planning, late nights and complex algorithms, it’s done!

    I invite you to try the Social Media Impact Quiz.

    What’s Your Social Media Impact? [Quiz]

    It’s fun, takes about 15 minutes to complete and totally FREE – no email capture or registration required. What’s more, at the end of the quiz you’ll receive some feedback and suggestions for moving your professional brand forward.

    An enterprise version of the quiz is also available – ideal for businesses that want to gauge the social media appetite of employees in preparation for an employee advocacy program.

    For now, have fun trying the quiz. Feel free to pop your result in the comments section of this post and let me know if you have any feedback. Happy to consider suggestions for improvement.

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