Wayin Goes All-In With Real-Time Social Search Tool

Martech firm upgrades its enterprise social display tool, enabling searches across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Wayin, a martech firm that cut its teeth helping brands, sports franchises and television broadcasters display social media off social networks, announced this week that it is launching a real-time social search engine.

The tool offers enterprises the ability to search across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and analyze results based on location, gender and period of time. The tool also shows sentiment and context around social content and conversations.

Wayin’s new tool will help make sense of the noise, Wayin CEO Elaine Feeney said. “Social media sites today are full of so much information that it’s often difficult for social media marketers to find the right content when it matters,” Feeney said in a release, “and then be able to act on it in a timely manner.”

The company’s blog explained further:

The way that the new Wayin platform processes social media data is incredibly powerful. Just a hashtag isn’t going to give you all the information that you want; however, a hashtag combined with a set of keywords, paired with a location, which is then filtered by user demographics and correlated with additional data sets will guide marketers to the data set that they’re seeking.


Wayin, founded in 2010 by former Sun Microsystems co-founder and CEO Scott McNealy, specializes in helping enterprises, including Best Buy, the Denver Broncos and The Weather Channel, display social media content on various owned properties like news broadcasts, Jumbotrons, websites or in-store display monitors.

The real-time search tool is being offered to current Wayin clients as a new product. Pricing for all Wayin’s SAAS services are based on the amount of data a client needs to access, the complexity of the visualization and the number of accounts needed.

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