VidMob Introduces Platform To Analyze The Creative’s Performance

VidMob Introduces Platform To Analyze The Creative’s Performance

by , Staff Writer @lauriesullivan, June 20, 2022

Marketers have become more concerned about how they will drive performance as the ad industry moves toward the deprecation of cookies.

Vidmob, a managed service for intelligent creative, plans to announce a software as a service (SaaS) platform that provides marketers a way to dig out and analyze the performance data from video, text, augmented reality and other types of creative elements that make up an advertisement.

“The impact of the creative is pretty substantial,” said Craig Peasley of VidMob, citing data from Google. “Up to about 70% of the campaign’s performance is based on the creative shown to a consumer. Yet, most marketers, and I spent years at Adobe, focused more on media optimization and audience targeting.”

VidMob found a way to capture the creative data across platforms from social media to search, and combine it with creative assets, analyzing it to determine what causes positive and negative performance in the creative.

The biggest challenge among companies and brands, teams within organization still operate in silos, Peasley said. Most do not collaborate and share data, but some companies like L’Oreal are building global “creative excellence” teams to solve the challenge.

“You can imagine a world where it’s not just about looking at campaign reporting and analysis, but getting everyone oriented around the insights around those campaigns and sharing the data across the organization,” he said.  

When building the algorithms that determine positive or negative performance, the data comes from many different sources such as the brand campaign data through channels in which the company advertises such as Google and Facebook. The data gets pushed through algorithms and learning technology. It’s then that the technology can attribute performance.

VidMob will make this collaboration tool available to all as a subscription on-demand service. The insights will become available to brand teams, demand teams, creative teams and other organization within the company. It includes creative scoring to analyze how they measure text, video, colors, logos and more.

The technology analyzes the correlation between the creative elements like video, augmented reality, or static ads and performance. The data goes back about two years, Peasley said. The results are available in a dashboard.

“We work with about 30 clients today that run virtual product try-ons and things like that,” he said. “It makes sense for TikTok and Snapchat where you have many immersive experiences.”

The platform includes an “insights library” where employees in departments across the company can flag specific data to share with others.   

Marketers can put in the hands of teams the data-informed creative insights such as Creative Analytics, Creative Scoring, Creative Automation, Creative Studio, and Creative Network. The platform solves key issues that marketers must deal with daily such as meeting the increasing demand for performance across channels and platforms.

Vidmob plans to announce a SaaS platform enabling marketers to analyze performance data from video, text, augmented reality of creative elements that make-up an ad.