Video Production Steps: How to Plan & Market Videos

— July 23, 2017

Video Production Steps: How to Plan  and  Market Videos

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The Importance of Having a Production Schedule

Failure to plan is planning to fail, right? You know you’re never going to knock out those videos if you don’t plan and prioritise them and stick them in your calendar. In this video, I want to show you what my production schedule looks like (both in the studio and while I’m travelling) so you can see how important it is to plan everything beforehand and how much time I spend on what.

Take a peek inside my schedule….

Task 1: Batch Scripting Based on Themes (about 2-3 hours, once a month)

It all starts with brainstorming topics and deciding what I want I want to speak about. I love working with monthly themes as that keeps things neat and simple to execute. It also helps to build a story arc and is easier to slot into a playlist so my audience can watch more than 1 video on the topic.

I use to mind map my topics and Evernote to script them out.

Task 2: Production & Filming (about 4-6 hours, once a month typically)

I’m a huge proponent of working smarter and batch filming falls right into that category. This way I can do hair and makeup once and then select 4 outfit changes to complete the videos. Production on set usually involves a green screen backdrop, but while I’m on vacation, I try to make use of my natural surroundings and make the most of the place I’m in.

Task 3: Editing (about 2-4 hours per video)

My husband, Ali, edits all my videos on Adobe Premier CC. My studio shoots are time-consuming to edit because of the green screen, but this video has a natural background and is being shot on a GoPro with a built-in mic, so the editing for this will mainly include the following elements: image stabilisation, audio control, color correction and cutaway footage added later on (mostly screenshots for this one to show processes)

Task 4: Marketing & Promotion (about an hour every day, all week)

Once the video is published, is when the hard work and the fun part really begins for me. I get to talk about the video and its content from a myriad of different viewpoints and on different channel and formats. I publish the written script as a blog post, send the video as an email to my subscribers, talk about it on all my social channels, including Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Facebook profile, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Your Turn

How do you plan your videos? Do you use any time-saving procedures? Do you have any special challenges?

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