Using Data to Successfully Market Your App, the Right Way

March 11, 2015

As technologies advance and as consumers transition their buying power to the internet, there has been an increase in the need and desire to reach individuals online. The data mine process allows marketers and advertisers to do just that. In fact, as of last year Facebook now utilizes mining to track the habits of users to provide targeted advertising. There are a few aspects that you should have in place to appropriately use data to successfully market your app.

Proper Collection

Mining software and procedures have undergone a lot of variations and changes over the last couple of years. As technology is constantly growing and changing, so is the process. However, there is one thing that stays the same: proper collection begins with having a proper system in place. There is a list of things not to do, but there are also a few different aspects that contribute to developing a successful data-collecting program. It is good to allow contributions from other developers, and those projects tend to have great results. However, you do not want to have too many hands in the pot at once. Depending upon the software itself, it may be best to have only one main developer, and most processes become inefficient with an excess of 60 contributing parties.

In Depth Analysis

Once you have employed the right tactics to collect data about your market it is critical that you implement the right analysis features. Misreading or not utilizing the data correctly can prove to be ineffective and possibly detrimental to your marketing efforts. For instance, the mined information might reveal that your app would be more attractive to an older audience than you intended. If you are not aware of this critical factor, you could focus your marketing efforts on the wrong demographic and miss a large portion of the demographic that would create the greatest revenue. Having the right skills and knowledge to understand and interpret the data is key.

Develop Strategies

Proper analysis will help you to understand the data, and then you need to implement the information that you have discovered. Depending upon your size and needs, you might benefit from contracting an internet marketing firm. A firm will not only know how to interpret the data that you have collected, but they will also be able to utilize the data to implement current effective marketing efforts, as well as predict emerging trends and prepare your company for them. Their expertise can prove to be invaluable in helping the continued growth and sustainability of the marketing of your app.

Utilize Different Compatible Options

Social media is fast becoming a great tool for marketers to utilize. With the added data, you can not only advertise on the social media platforms, but you can target your effort to individuals that will actually be interested in your app. This will not only save money, but it will also allow for more efficient reallocation of funds saved on fruitless advertising. As such you simultaneously increase both effectiveness and profit.

As you can see data can be very beneficial in the marketing and advertising process. However, it must be implemented and allocated effectively. By having the right resources, knowledge and tactics in place you will be able to effectively promote your app.

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