Pitfalls You’re Probably Committing At Work

March 11, 2015

You probably think you’ve done everything right at your job already. Wrong. Getting ahead in your job calls beyond mastering faithfully from A to Z the dusted, hard-bound employee handbook long been tucked onto your work desk cubicle. Whether you’re the newest office darling making your route to becoming Lady Achiever, or hunky charmer aiming to be awarded as your team’s Best Male Employee, it’s easy to fall trap into work-related mistakes as you try to “just do your job.”

From not dressing for success, to straying away from staying fit, and missing out on some valuable work insights which are most of the time left unuttered – these could hold you back from moving up the corporate ladder. Then again, you could always refer to these 5 attitudes to get you ahead in the workplace. Also listed below could be some mistakes you’re probably doing at work that you’re not aware of. Find out how you can turn them around to get your way through better within the office jungle.

1. Being Mr. or Ms. Perfect

Being Mr. or Ms. Perfect

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Fighting your all to win a major, sought-after account or wrecking your brains off for the most creative, impressive ideas in an advertising pitch but later being turned down could be one major blow. The impact could be real heartbreaking and demoralizing in the race for achievement, especially if you happen to be Mr. or Ms. Perfect. Perfectionists who are typical of highly-educated and ambitious people can be very hard on themselves in the face of disappointments as they come from towering expectations of their talents and abilities. But it becomes destructive when you allow disappointments to turn you disinterested later at work like not raising vital questions nor taking on assignments that could help you move ahead in your position. Remember, getting back up sounds more exciting than remaining forever in the doldrums.

While it is never far from good to be an achiever, it is unimaginable though to think you will be forever invincible and correct. Adjusting your mindset to realities which are beyond your control in dynamic corporate settings could be the key. Through time, you will eventually learn how to deal with pitfalls in your job like making room for leeway in negotiations or knowing more the client’s fetish. Regardless of results, risk-taking based on intelligent information definitely warrants one success at work for a day.

 2. To Whom the Credit Goes?

When you have accomplished something worthy of commendation and your boss seems to have not noticed it, don’t assume that your boss is aware of it. In extremely competitive work environments, taking credit for a good job may be left at your own watch. Strive to make way for moments of self-praise in targeted, modest, and relevant situations such as reminding the boss of your previous achievements when you are assigned to take on new but similar assignments. You don’t know but others who may be equally talented or brilliant as you are may also just be waiting for a chance at the limelight in front of a boss who is made to realize employees’ achievements and finally take notice.

3. Not Dressing the Part

Dressing up

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If you don’t look like the part, then you don’t feel like the part. Hence, while office attire nowadays has toned down due to greater emphasis on function and comfort, dressing appropriately in the office takes utmost importance towards lending you credibility and worthiness for your position. You should learn how to dress for success and get the desired look of that job role you’re eyeing for from the many available wardrobe choices.

4. Playing Solo

Playing Solo

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Eventually, people who advance in the organization need to work with more people in a team to get tasks completed. At the end of the day, bosses virtually are concerned with achieving bottom line figures for the benefit of the entire company. Hence, if you want to work your way up in the company, try to position yourself as part of a team, someone who can take on group assignments and perform for the best output even while alongside others. Being a team player does not require owning all the right answers for the team but stepping aside as well for keeping others actively involved in churning out results.

5. Keeping On with Procrastination

Keeping On with Procrastination

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Putting things off or procrastinating could be a risky work habit. Delaying to start off with work is one major hamper on productivity as you lose valuable time until you find yourself trying to beat the hands of the clock as it comes near your deadline. If you want to keep your chances of promotion looking rosy, you have to learn how to stop procrastinating and put yourself into working mode.

6. Passing Up Lunch Breaks

Passing Up Lunch Breaks

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If you desire to emerge as top-of-class and catch that promotion, then you definitely need to remain productive by keeping healthy and fit. Apart from simple exercises you can do even while at work sitting, the mid-day break offers another venue to get better with your work for the rest of the day. Fastcompany suggests 8 ways to maximize your lunch break in order for you to stay productive throughout the rest of the afternoon.

7. Underestimating Value of Feedback

People who become most successful know the value of feedback for effort evaluation and to find out what works and which does not. You may not look that far in the office as honest and vocal co-workers who can give you constructive criticisms can be the best feedback sources of your areas for improvement. Getting feedback shouldn’t only be done towards the end of the year during performance review from your boss. Try to get as much of it as you need it at work from peers, and possibly, even clients for continuous learning.

8. Missing Out the Social Tempo

Getting ahead at work

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If you have the talent, then you’re good. But if you also have the heart, then that makes you better! Another secret formula to advancing through the grapevine is when you are known or liked by many. Cultivating friendships with office peers may take time, or even years, to flourish into worthwhile relationships. But little steps like answering the phone, opening doors for others, or helping out newcomers with the photocopier can show interests for genuine human interaction and communication. Careerealism further adds that individuals with sound relationships come out better in job searches, transitioning to new careers, and handling life’s hurdles.

9. Staying at the Comfort Zone

Job descriptions level the playing field among all employees. Hence, sticking on to it is the sure-fire formula to career stagnation. After some time of feeling the waters for yourself on the job, ask yourself what other bigger roles can you fill in to make you a cut above the rest and make you worthy for that big promotion. Challenge yourself to taking that extra mile that will bring more value to your job position. But in doing so, be careful to not be a show-off. Keep in mind to just take on additional work only after you’re sure you have completely taken stock of your required tasks.

10. Not Taking Charge

You’re real fortunate when your manager also serves as your mentor who takes concern for your career growth. But nevertheless, there is nobody best who can take charge of your own professional development other than you! Take note of what you need for you to move on to that next level such as certification, trainings or even field immersion. Once you know them, be confident next on advocating them for yourself and finally, making it happen.

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