Troubleshoot Your Social Media Marketing with These 5 Questions

— March 27, 2019

With more than 4.021 billion users worldwide, social media has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes. So you should not ignore it thinking that you’re a new player in your industry and social media is for medium and large organizations. In fact, social media, if used strategically, can be a leading growth driver for businesses that just started out.

However, not all businesses are equally successful in their social media marketing campaigns. If you are struggling in getting the desired return on investment (ROI) of your social media marketing campaigns, the help is here.

In today’s article, I’m going to share how you can troubleshoot your social media marketing campaigns to boost success.

Without further ado, let’s dive in:

1- Have You Created Social Media Marketing Personas?

We are living in the age of personalization, and all of us want personalized experience online. So your social media marketing campaigns should offer your audience an experience that is specifically created for them. But how can you hit the bullseye when you are targeting thousands of followers on social media?

The answer is social media marketing personas that provide a proverbial face to your audience on social media, helping you offer customized social media experience.

You need to collect the following information about your audience to create social media marketing persona:

  • Age/location/gender
  • Income/spending power
  • Pain points/frustrations
  • Personality traits
  • Goals/objections
  • Brands they support

To collect the above information, you can run online surveys or quizzes and ask for data from your customer support department.

2- Are You Speaking Your Audience’s Language?

David Ogilvy said,

If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language in which they think. We try to write in the vernacular.

My friend, if you want your social media marketing campaigns to move the needle, you should write social media posts in a language that your audience speaks. But how can you understand the language of your audience?

Reading your clients testimonials to know what words they use, talking to your clients, scanning reviews, and mining emails to know the tone of your clients are a few ways to figure out the language of your target audience.

3- Are You Posting at the Right Time?

Your audience is not always active on social media. There are times when they are super active and at some times, they are less active. So you should post at the right time to catch a larger audience.

What’s the best time to post on social media? Well, it varies for each social media platform.

Following is the best times to post on leading social media platforms:

Twitter – 3 PM Monday to Friday

Facebook– 12 PM to 3 PM Monday to Friday and 12 PM to 1 PM on Weekend

Instagram– 12 PM to 1 PM Monday to Friday

When you are posting content on social media, you should consider time-zone as well.

If you want to reach out to a global audience, time-zone can have a huge impact on your success.

4- Are You Doing Social Listening

For effective social media marketing, you need to create campaigns that are designed considering your audience and competitors. Social listening will help you know what your audience is talking about your brand and what your competitors are doing on social media.

You must understand that social listening includes multiple aspects, including tracking mentions about brands, knowing what is being said about your brands, keeping tabs on your competitors etc. So it can appear cumbersome sometimes to conduct real-time social listening. However, with the right social listening tool, the entire process of social listening can be a lot easier.

5- Have You Chosen the Right Tools?

Social media marketing takes time and commitment to yield results. If you believe that random posting on social media platforms and not engaging with others’ content can help you achieve your social media marketing goals, you are wrong.

You will have to posts content at a regular interval and track engagement on your posts.

Needless to say, manually doing all these tasks require lots of time and chances are you might not be able to analyze data efficiently. So taking the help of social media marketing tools, such as Hootsuite, Buffer, SproutSocial will not only save you lots of time but also help you analyze data easily.

Choose the right social media tools to run your social media marketing campaigns.

Social media marketing is more than just creating content and dumping it on social channels. You should create a social media marketing persona and design your social media marketing campaigns in your audience’s language, considering what your competitors are doing. And posting content with the help of the right social media tool is also important to secure success.

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